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Your free guide seven actions businesses need to take now and schedule your free product tour and next we dot com slash local next we dot com slash local from the American home furniture and mattress weather center this report is sponsored by napa auto parts this is K. OB for meteorologist Eddie Garcia with your forecast we're expecting partly cloudy skies today eventually reaching a high of eighty nine degrees this afternoon and a twenty percent chance of showers with thousands of locally napa stores across the nation chances are that wherever you call home they do too so whether you stop by your local napa auto parts store a napa auto care center or visit napa online you can count on napa know how heartened and to keep listening keep asking and keep learning soundtrack for SpaceX's historic mission to the international space station was adorned with lots of classic rock on Saturday two NASA astronauts successfully launched into the earth's orbit astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley blasted AC DC's back in black to accompany their walk to the launch pad at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

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