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We get afterwards. That's not so bad. It's the experience the CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Everyone, bumping into each other, having to bend around one person buying cereal to get at the last Big Ben of pretzels. Oversized cards in an oversized store piled high with oversize things. Floating through those long warehouse aisles at feels like a giant metaphor for overconsumption. But you know we need staff, so we go. But that seems like an impossible scenario now Lord knows we haven't been there since the lockdown. And as we all entered quarantine, the grocery store became this flashpoint a communal experience that most of a shared. An anxious one to fuelled by the fear of our fellow shoppers and the virus they may or may not be carrying. Of course the only reason there's food on the shelves grocery stores the only reason we're able to buy. It is because of an army of essential workers. The farm workers and meatpackers and other people who are part of the food chain. The, cleaners who sanitize the stores before we flood them every day. The cashiers who stand there as potentially infected customers pass by all day long. Today on telescope. We're GonNa hear from two essential workers to people who work at Walmart stores both making close to minimum wage. Like. Other people who've continue to work through the pandemic. Purely apocalyptic like there's no other word for it was. Pretty scary and there was no control over anything. For me on home media. This is telescope I'm your host Jonathan Hirsch Monday. Wednesday and Friday for the foreseeable future. We're going to bring you stories of people far away up close. And how each of us are learning to live through this?.

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