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The federal government is five two groups it says illegally attempted to collect student loan debt consumer financial protection bureau also says the groups are prohibited from further action on recovering payments until audits on all its accounts were completed the bureau says national collegiate student loan trust in their debt collector trans world systems sued borrowers for student loans the could improve were owed and filed false and misleading affidavits who courts across the country the cfpb is ordering the trust to pay at least nineteen point one million dollars in transworld two and a half million in civil penalties generally house washington called auto principles retired in athletic director is resigned after video surfaced showing a school cheerleading coach pushing cheerleaders down and splits the former coach osa williams was dismissed shortly after the videos became public breaking news and analysis at townhall com uh president trump says he watch nfl owners to fire players who neil during the national anthem using rough language we can't repeat president trump complained about players who won't stand for the national anthem and says he hopes an owner gets fed up and throws those players out of the game or east fired and he's encouraging spectators to walk out out in protest if they see that during a game saying then it'll stop at say total disrespect of our heritage that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for the president also complained referees have gone too far in stopping violent hits saying that ruining the game i'm jackie quinn code code ballanger said an ashley rookie record for home runs while helping the la dodgers were their fifth consecutive at a west title challengers thirty died home of the season was a threerun blast at brook a one one tie in the dodgers four two whatever san francisco giving them the national league west crown more these stories a tunnel i call on patrick flaws we parents here i can't see lots of things that can get us pretty worked up things like and luck he'll never.

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