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Is espn daily. So gabon coty. How long have you covered messy at barcelona or you're you're you're trying to date me now. Gab marcatti covers soccer. Espn from london and he also co hosts the gab in jewel show podcast but yes. I was already professional journalist when leo now messy. Not just when. He made his debut for barcelona but when he left rosario northern tina twenty one years ago. In fact it's gonna be twenty when you would have been twenty one years next month in september for barcelona and people are talking about him already and feel yesterday gab. I mean what was so striking about what we saw at this press conference that he gave it was the emotion it felt like it was the most popular athlete on the arguably. Maybe the greatest soccer player of all time leo messi confirming that. He's leaving barcelona the club. He's been a part of whereas you say twenty one years since he was just thirteen years old and he was crying he was tearful throughout the and he said quote. This is very hard for me after so many years after being here my entire life. I wasn't prepared and gab. Given your knowledge of this man what was it like for you to watch that presser. So it's hard to divorce for me to divorce. No messy speaking from the larger story.

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