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Up. Jen and Victoria. Dougie is out. The ladies are in how we like it. Let's be honest. Victoria, Come on. I I do enjoy our girl days. I'm I'm not gonna lie. And a sadly we start with the story that woke me up on a Sunday morning and I'm sure it woke up. Many of us I looked at my phone, and the very first thing I saw was that Alex Trebek had passed away at the age of 80. And of course, we knew that he had this very public to his credit. And the reason I say to his credit, because there are a lot of people who suffer with cancer silently, and I think the fact that he was willing to share his story may have provided comfort to a lot of people who are out there and feel like they're All alone. And so Alex Trebek has talked about his battle with pancreatic cancer. And God love him. He was a fighter. He was given a short amount of time to live. But he did immunotherapy and see surpassed that actually, absolutely. And he gave and he really I mean, and he fought and stayed healthy, ish up until the end, Healthy enough to do lots of episodes of jeopardy just a few months ago, so Tell it was a shock. I mean, I know, even though you're expecting it, it was like, you know, wrenching. Yeah, could because we've been following his updates in the last update we got from him. I want to say it was maybe September October, and I thought that you know he was trucking along, you know, Obviously he wasn't going to live forever. But I I didn't. I didn't expect him to be yet Another You know, low point of 2020. Because we've had so many and I did, And we've had a lot of celebrity deaths this year. And when I was on the phone with my mom and I got the teams alert on my phone and it's Alex Trebek. And I was like, Oh, man, I'd forgotten almost That he was still you know that he that he was so sick. It just was not something that that I had been thinking about recently and sort of, you know, Like a lot of people. We've sent him a lot of good prayers and energy and And he's been so vocal and thanked everybody and said that you know all that good, positive love from everyone really helped him. And so I think things took a turn really quickly. He passed away Sunday morning He was at home and with his family and thie jeopardy, the show put out a statement, saying Jeopardy is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully home early this morning, surrounded by family and friends. Thank you, Alex and a ton of tributes, as you would expect, You know, across social media. He's survived by his wife, Jean, and they have two Children. Matthew, Who's 30 and Emily, whose 27 And they have. Naturally people are wondering what the future of jeopardy will be so far, they haven't said anything. They're not announcing any new plans for host yet they still have. Yeah, and you know, get your fix because there are still new episodes that are hosted by Alex that will air through Christmas of this year. So hey hosted 8200 episodes in total, and he set a Guinness world record for hosting the most episodes of a single game show, so he will be very, very missed he I mean, my God, He's a staple on TV for our entire lives. I know he is what I think so sad for me and I know a lot of other people feel the same. I mean, I think atleast for him to be very beginning. I could remember watching Regis Philbin. I can remember watching Alex Trebek. These are people who have been with you your entire Life, and it's sadly it's It's a dying breed, and, you know, it makes you wonder who that person is for this generation, and I guess we won't know for for a few decades. But certainly these were people who were iconic whose voices we heard and new, just like our own family members because they were in our home every single day as we were growing up, so I think it's It's a sad loss. But certainly what a tribute to a life lived with dignity. I mean, In fact, it kind of stuns me. Every time I see that he was 80 because in my house, and he looked like he was 60 and never really never really changed all that much in his appearance, even when you could tell he was sitting down, or maybe start having a day when he hosted the show, where he was struggling a bit with this cancer, but He just He looked good. He looked healthy, and so I hope that he felt is as good as possible. I know I have a family member right now dealing with A cancer like this one, and, you know, it's about finding the most best days, right? You're most healthiest days when you get a diagnosis like that, and I hope he had a lot of those because he certainly gave a lot of joy to people. And stability. I mean, that's what these TV hosts do. For many that looked to them is their stable voice in a household that can be a bit chaotic, so good for you know, good for his contribution to pop culture and Obviously he will be missed, but his family should have their heads held high because they had a dad and a husband. That did a lot of good for people. Absolutely yes. So it's sad talking. It's still sad. You know when you think about it, but What a legacy absolute legacy. Well, should we talk about the gossip Because, yeah, There's a lot we need. Something did to cheer us up. We've had a lot of politics and loss, of course with Alex Trebek. But there's also a lot of gossip that's going on and this story, Victoria I almost sent you over the weekend and I got distracted. And I forgot that you found it. And that is our dancing with the Stars. Drama Seems right. Growing up. You know, One of my favorites on the show was crucial because I was huge, all my Children fan, and she would played Amanda Dillon on all my Children for years, So I don't watch her now on selling sunset, which is what she's more known for being the ex wife of Justin Hartley from this is us, but I remember her from all my Children. I always liked her on that show..

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