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One on that day and then I think there were three on Sunday as well. Rory. Your school kids will figure it out. But we're still talking about that. It's the Orange 45 slogan is learned to live with this. No. A white poster board with red letters proclaiming, Don't shoot. Is stuck to the top of a road closed sign another with justice for Bernardo written Ah is taped to the back of a park bench or a bus stop or a building wherever protesters march. The signs follow and some are purposely left behind reminders of the moment and the movement hours and sometimes weeks after demonstrators return home. Um ah, a volunteer group called local propagandists. Have been screen printing. Many of those signs sometimes. As many as 4000 signs a night. By hand. It's a labor intensive, physically and mentally, and they use their body with a way to force Inc. Through a stencil for every sign. This is a labor of love for these people. They are providing the signage for protests in downtown Salt Lake, and there've been a lot of signs by this group called local propagandists. So There has been a lot of talk recently, particularly since well mainly because of the watchman TV series about the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre in 1921 finish any of US TV show to make us aware of something we should have learned in our history class is something that many of us had not ever even heard of. And when I saw that on watchman, uh and I hadn't read anything about it before I watched the show, and I saw that night. Is this real? Or is this made up? I mean, I've had still had a question at that point. But it was very real. They've been doing a test excavation for the Tulsa race massacre investigation for mass graves. They had put it on hold for a while, but they're going to resume this week. The test excavation, which was put on hold in March due to Corona virus is part of the study to determine the presence or absence. Of human remains in the area, and it found what state they are in the initial geophysical investigation at the site in identified a large anomaly, which is consistent With a mass grave. But No one's saying it is a mass grave. It's just it could be, uh, the initial geophysical in investigation said that you should excavate here and they're going to be doing that. Today. As a city. We're committed to exploring what happened in 1921 said the mayor's office through a collective and transparent process, filling gaps in our city's history and providing healing and hiss and justice to our community in the past 99 years No other agency of government entity has moved this far into an investigation that will seek the truth about what happened in Tulsa in 19 21. It was a whole area of the Greenwood area. Tulsa was also known as Black Wall Street, very prosperous area that was black owned businesses. There were several movie theaters, there was live theater. Um, banks. There was ah black owned bank. On DH restaurants, and it was a really vital area and then There was some slight or or imagined slight of a black young man on an elevator. Um Of the white woman who was the elevator operator said that he assaulted her or tried to assault her. Um You know, and nobody There are obviously no eye witnesses anymore. What Some people had said at the time. You know, he tripped and he kind of just grabbed onto her to steady himself. And that was considered Um on assault, and she started talking about it, and so People arm themselves. White people armed themselves and went to that area Blackwell Street and started killing people. And there were plains. There was a plane that flew and drop incendiary devices. Yeah, and they obliterated that whole area. They just raised it. Yeah, and they obliterated that whole area. They just raised it on DH. You know, the only reason that I learned about it before the watchman Syriza's because I was reading some interviews with the Damon Lindell off talking about it because The idea that he was even going to touch watchman was controversial in the geek world, and he talked about his his approach and what it was going to be, and so I I had to look into it. And that's how I learned about it. And secondly, As faras things that we need to learn from history. You're not going to learn it in your schools. I don't think Everything that I've learned about his will now possibly. I mean, they just barely started teaching it in Oklahoma. It was not taught in Oklahoma in any of this. I'm not even just talking about just this. I'm saying in school, you're going to get a very basic start. I don't know. You've got to really look into history to learn anything about it. I mean, I was taught in high school. Those nice Chinese people helped build the railroad, and that was it. 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