Gestapo, Chicago Tribune, New York discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Gestapo as well last week chicago tribune reported that cook county commissioner richard uh boy can he flew to new york to discuss what he described as a quiet genocide in chicago's black community with the un's assistant secretary general for peace the peacebuilding support general oscar fernandez to ranko boy can is asking for the united nations to deploy their soldiers on us soil which would sidestep posse comitatus actually i mean everything that is a nightmare with putting un soldiers on american soil could be happening in chicago in fact there are some people are reporting it's already happening in chicago be don't have big un stickers on these jeeps that go through the streets but they certainly have a great or white vehicles are going through the streets and it was reported days ago that over fifty heavily armored united nations vehicles and various pieces of equipment sufficient up to support of some small company a peacekeeper troops are sitting in a parking lot behind the us government on warehouse in maryland and the appear to be ready for some type of rapid domestic the point so sightings of un vehicles in maryland sightings of grey vehicles in chicago the cook county commissioner met with the new york un and said hey we want to put un troops on the ground president trump said we can use the national guard problem manual said no you don't do that but of course now we're looking at un troops on the ground and the and the president wanting to organize whose own private police this is some really meaty conspiratorial stuff triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred deal approve of this un troops on the ground in the.

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