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Parkway canal road, Clara Barton Parkway will be open both ways all day long, but that tends to slow the outbound pace on canal, leaving Georgetown since only one lanes open toward Arizona and the chain bridge. In Virginia, on the Italy heading for the American legion bridge still very slow crash car on the right shoulder. It was moved out of the left lane, but the northbound traffic on the George Washington Parkway remains backed up as is the case on the interloop. 66 westbound after perfect county Parkway, crash on the far right side. 95 heavy Monday traffic, southbound toward woodbridge, northbound through Pennsylvania county, Fredericksburg, out of Prince William county, audit off the brakes toward the aka Kwan and past it. A lot of folks are going for route three O one toward the nice Middleton bridge. That's not original idea on a holiday Monday. In Maryland in the Baltimore Washington Parkway, at least two crashes between 50 and two O two are now clear. It's heaviest on the Parkway, northbound from one 75 past route 100. It was a crash between 100 and the airport exit they had stopped traffic for a few minutes. I'm not sure if they have all lanes are open or if it's still a lane block, but it's still very slow and nonetheless on two 95. You go with 95 traffic will be a little heavy near 100 but the lanes are open on the interstate, 50 at the bay bridge could be worse, westbound is great. Eastbound heavy, but just near sandy point, two 70 slow both ways between the Frederick and hyatts town exits and back in the district main avenue westbound was at last report still closed between 15th and independence avenue. Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services, visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you. Dave dildy and WTO traffic. Okay, let's talk about this weather with Mike's Jennifer. Clear skies and pleasant temperatures stay with us into the evening hours later tonight fair will not be as cool as last night. Loves being their 40 suburbs lower 50s closer into the district

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