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Capitalist something my fault. If you can't read it. Oh, my daughter will be buying me your book in August. I'm so excited. Says ROY. Well, your daughter is a lovely, lovely girl, very intelligent. Obviously. Let's see. Today, a Brad's from Oklahoma. Charissa. Wow. He was arrested on on the assault yet. That was the guy from looks like a highschool saw. Cops is Bill color me bad. I don't know how many people were there. I just thought that was interesting. I guess. I mean, there is four guys in the band, but only one guy was singing. The other two were dancing. They weren't part of the band, so I don't know what the hell happened. Carol gonna by the book. Good. You go get the book. Sound like you're gonna go poor on the book. I've lowered it for the summer because I want people to buy it. I think it's important because you have to learn how to deal with certain people that are almost. Undeliverable is that a word out think so? Like for example. Some of these snowflakes are just insane. What do you do. Keira says, apparently Bryan Adams was drinking before the show and has had problems with it. Yeah. Here's a good. I'm here something. Maybe my book would help with maybe maybe not. Let's take a look at one of these millennial bad asses and how they wanna stand up and have a honest political debate with somebody that they disagree with. Here we go. Okay, everyone ready Trump Ben Pence. We say, no. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. Trump Ben pets. We say. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No Trump and Pence. We say. No. No, no. No. No. No. Nice was he had on. He taught me a lesson that's that's the kind of guy, man. I hope my daughter dates. All right. Anything else I'm gonna hit onto the here. There was one of the video wanna show. Before. All this is good. Here's something I've been calling for a long time. People have attack me for it. I have said. Not that everybody that's gay is a pedophile. I have not said that. But when I have said was, once you open up the gates of. Saying, just because you don't understand my love doesn't mean I should be able to have it meaning, man and man woman woman, whatever. There are other steps. There is polygamy multiple people, wanna marriage, and then there's pedophilia and I always have been told, especially by people in the gay community that will never happen. We're only talking about adults here and I say the same thing, you might be talking about adults, but there's a logical conclusion and it goes further than that. Oh, no, no, no, it'll never happen really check this video out from July twentieth of this year. Emily Jones is her name. It is an hour responsibility to afflict and to overcome our negative feelings about puddles and to treat them with the same respect. We treat other people with. We should accept that pedophile a people who have not chosen their sexuality and who unlike most of us will never be able to live it out freely. If they want to lead an upright life, we should accept that pedophilia is a sexual preference, a thought feeling and not an act. We should differentiate between child sexual abuse and pedophilia. We shouldn't increase the suffering of pedestals by excluding them by blaming mocking them. By doing that, we increase their isolation and we increase the chance of child sexual abuse. So pedophile 's aren't abusing children. I guess according to her because some children wanted. I don't understand and here's what has we scared this video taken on July. What today today. Was the twenty fourth July twenty. Third, two thousand eighteen. Will I be mo- my career be ruined on July twenty. Third, two thousand twenty eight ten years, five years because everybody will have accepted pedophilia just because you just because you don't understand. My love doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to experience it. Yeah, but the kids nine. Well, he loves me too. Mahama's favorite wife. They were sick was at six when they got when he married, I show and nine when they consummated. Sorry. I just don't think that that's. A good strong western value..

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