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Envy <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Speech_Male> angela. Ye <Speech_Male> shall we <Speech_Male> all the breakfast <Speech_Male> club. It's <Speech_Male> time for your positive <Speech_Male> gives them positively. <Speech_Male> You listen man. A <Speech_Male> positive note is <Speech_Male> more like a question <Speech_Male> right and <Speech_Male> it's january. <Speech_Male> I i just want to ask <Speech_Male> your one thing. <Speech_Male> The year is <Speech_Male> yours. What <Speech_Male> will you do with it. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> How i <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> prepped <SpeakerChange> with <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> you. <Silence> <Advertisement> Finish a young. <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> Have you ever felt like <Speech_Male> the world is annoying. You <Speech_Male> are just feel like you're <Speech_Male> not getting hurt well. <Speech_Male> it is exhausting. <Speech_Male> I feel like <Speech_Male> just bursting out and saying <Speech_Male> donning army understand <Speech_Male> me. Listen <Speech_Male> to me well. <Speech_Male> Let me not worry because you <Speech_Male> know who is listening and making <Speech_Male> big changes. At <Speech_Male> and t. They're doing <Speech_Male> whatever it takes to show that <Speech_Male> all of their customers voices <Speech_Male> are heard so <Speech_Male> they're given every customer <Speech_Male> and i mean every <Speech_Male> customer both new <Speech_Male> and existing the same <Speech_Male> great deal. I don't <Speech_Male> think you hearing this <Speech_Male> no matter if you've been with <Speech_Male> l. are thinking about <Speech_Male> jumping over. Every <Speech_Male> single person gets the same <Speech_Male> amazing deal <Speech_Male> checkout smartphone pricing. <Speech_Male> That's fair for everyone at <Speech_Male> att dot com <Speech_Male> slash <SpeakerChange> best deals <Speech_Male> restrictions apply. <Speech_Female> Have you ever <Speech_Female> got lucky and found <Speech_Female> some money on the floor <Speech_Female> forgot about <Speech_Female> some money and your co packet <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> about getting lucky <Speech_Female> and finding some good <Silence> parking in the city <Speech_Female> or <Speech_Female> even getting the last <Speech_Female> pair of shoes or <Speech_Female> getting a really good deal <Speech_Female> on something. <Speech_Female> Well i have good <Speech_Female> news for you. That could <Silence> make your day go better. <Speech_Female> At <Speech_Female> and t. is making <Speech_Female> big changes to show. <Speech_Female> They are in service <Speech_Female> of their customers. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> One of the first <Speech_Female> things that are doing approve. <Speech_Female> It is giving all of their <Speech_Female> customers. This <Speech_Female> same deals <Speech_Female> good. things shouldn't <Speech_Female> only favor <Speech_Female> the few. At <Silence> and t. Gets <Speech_Female> this so <Speech_Female> let me repeat. <Speech_Female> They're making a <Speech_Female> big change <Speech_Female> and giving all of their <Speech_Female> customers both <Speech_Female> new and existing <Speech_Female> the same great <Speech_Female> deals. <Speech_Female> This is huge <Speech_Female> whether you've <Speech_Female> been with. At and t. <Speech_Female> For years or <Speech_Female> you're just starting to <Speech_Female> think about switching <Speech_Female> visit. Att <Speech_Female> dot com <Speech_Female> slash best deals to learn more restrictions apply.

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