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Council Five people are dead after, a plane crash FOX's Debbie Hanley the. Oklahoma Highway Patrol says all five people on board were killed, when a small passenger airplane, crashed in northern Oklahoma on Saturday the. Federal Aviation Administration says the cause of the crash is unknown the single engine extra EA, four hundred, crashed shortly after taking off from Hong Kong city, regional airport National Transportation Safety board spokesman Peter nuts and said the five had flown, to Ponca city for a monthly breakfast hosted by the airport the FAA NTSB. Are investigating the names of, the victims have not, been released some neighbors in North Carolina bring home the, bacon winning a multi. Million dollar lawsuit against a hog farm creating us smelly mess. Smithfield foods is perhaps the world's largest producer of pork products but a judge, in North Carolina says it needs to pay neighbors in Raleigh four hundred seventy three million dollars Those neighbors live near the Smithfield, plant and they claim they've been forced to endure smells like you wouldn't believe the. Award follows related lawsuits which Smithfield had to pay up now state, lawmakers are, trying to. Change laws to shield companies, like, Smithfield from lawsuits such as these Eban Brown Fox News NASCAR. Goes left and right at, the Glen this weekend the Cup series. Gets ready for its second road course race of the season, the ninety lap go bowling, at the Glenn Watkins Glen provides a. Unique Chaozhou even the best drivers is raining Cup series champ Martin true ex junior looks, to repeat, here at the Glenn while getting his fourth win, of the Cup season back we've got you know best team in the in the, garage without a doubt in my opinion and just looking forward to go bowling. At the Glen marking the, fifth to last race, before the start of the playoffs is drivers try and, make their last efforts. To crack into the top sixteen in playoff points the green. Flag waves at Watkins Glen at three PM eastern time Matt Napolitano Fox News, I'm an Carrick FOX News Radio AccuWeather, forecast partly, cloudy overnight, humid low sixty seven areas of fog for Sunday morning, otherwise mostly sunny, high ninety mostly sunny on Monday high ninety two Simpson on Tuesday then turning cloudy and humid with a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon, high ninety degrees and mostly cloudy for Wednesday with a shower thunderstorm around high eighty..

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