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Luckily the other children managed to escape by running out the back door. And hiding in the brush or in the swamps but even after all that violence the mob is not done as rosewood survivor. Robbie martin the niece of blacksmith. Sam carter who we talked about earlier she would later. Put it quote. They didn't find jesse hunter but they noticed that. Here's a bunch of black people living better than us white folks and not disturbed these people so the next day news outlets from all over florida all over america published varying accounts of the january fourth standoff most of the papers sensationalized the fact counting higher death tolls and embellishing the story to make it seem like quote. Unruly black folks had started a race war but black run. Newspapers like baltimore's afro-american. However they frame the story as one of heroic black people trying to defend their home from clansmen with the help of sylvester carrier who they referred to in the article as a desperado. The white folks of florida read the national local papers. They don't see any other side of the story and so the is reigniting. Jeez so on. January fifth a mob of two to three hundred angry white men returned to rosewood and hell they set fire to churches loot and burn rosewood residents homes and shoot people as they try to escape so they liked the house on fire and as people try to get out of the burning building they shoot god. The first known victim of the day is a woman named lexi gordon when she sees the bob descend on rosewood. She orders her kids to run out of town but lexi herself has typhoid fever. She can't escape so she tries to hide under the house as it starts to burn but the mob finds her there and murders her. Oh my god. So in this chaos the rosewood residence. They run for their lives. Most of them into these swamps a survivor who was a young a nine year. Old boys names wilson hall. He remembers trudging through the swamp lands with his mother and the rest of his family in the early morning darkness. They made their way to gulf hammock. Which is a fifteen mile walk from rosewood where they finally find safety other families..

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