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Uh? All right, shoe, Biro Biro, everybody camera. One check camera to check grabbed the talent grab the talent Fags in Ross the black ties the black ties Nikki's at a ballgown. Yes. So a CJ he's in a ball gown to. All right, you go Q Mark for the announcement. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the first annual two thousand eighteen straight talk easy awards. Live from the performing arts center in Los Angeles, California. Here's your host for the evening lays and bit Jilin. Please welcome, Mr.. No, this is live. We can't start over q. Ross ingred. Oh shit. All right. Everybody. To the first ever to eight team straight Tocci lords were we honoring the very best. E and straight talk in two thousand eighteen once they had big Hello to everyone here in the audience thing is. And to all of you listening and watching around the world. As we come together as a street talk family so much has gone on in straight talk this year Fags date with tyrus. To Mark finding the slide. Nikki vomiting. CJ's being black laminated. The point is this. Tremendous focus on the positive. For time. And we will come together as a straight talk family with listeners and us as well as some extraordinary family members. To celebrate the very best in straight talk. Let us begin with our very first to ward people are in the edge of their seats. This sees the nominee award for best new sound effect. Please welcome your first presenter this evening, the one and only cookie Olof on Jay. Oh, wow. What a night it's been such an honor to be here all of tonight's nominees are worthy. But only one can win the nominees for best sound effect of two thousand eighteen are Nikki Boyer for vomit noise. Wow. Doria four Doria of change. The Minelli four day. Oh. Jay four stupid. And the winner is. Nikki Boyer vomit. Wondering have to say all the there was literally thousands of votes. There was something like ten thousand votes altogether. Nikki Boyer you want. Please. Make your acceptance speech right now. Sean in fact, shocked that I didn't write anything. I had no idea. I have one thing to say. And that is oh. Oh. Willie way, I'm gonna work. Thank you so much and congratulations to you on your win understand everyone picking up how this works. So we didn't nominations a couple of weeks ago. Thout we got over ten thousand votes. That's unbelievable. Right. That's more. That's like that's like the Golden Globes has like three hundred members just to give you some context. Okay. Attend understand. All right. So who knows right? We are the best we cast. All right. Award is the most cringe worthy moment here to hear nominee since NICKY already appear. Let us now go to Nicole boy, a Nikki.

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