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A kind of a bipartisan back on for example tom carper and i have a bill land on reinsurance doing a national insurance for everybody knows there was reinsurance of the first three years of the aca that expire that reinsurance it's a backstop for high cost claims that kept premiums down for everybody and establish this mechanism so high costs claimants would be protected insurance companies would get some certainty we want to bring real terrance back because we use it for crop insurance we use it for flood insurance will use it under medicare part d we used it for three is out of the aca with republican support so there are some big ideas on the table but i'm not sure a lot of dams are going to sign on what ransom much her a lot ours are going to sign onto single payer but there's also some more prozac basic i think this will help you you see states like main assode alaska use a reinsurance profitably under their own state the of the alexander murray bill cut gives a little bit of a push the more seats when reinsurance we could conceive of doing something like that so you'll see ideas that will that will spread the zone and maybe spread the different parties which are also going to see some ideas that may enable two to to you know like uh alexander murray chapter to the next bipartisan thing we do because i do think congress owes the american public some important thing where we say look we can work together and work together on something it's been controversial but that's really important in your daily life and that's why we need the offer focus on getting this deal past send that message and then sometimes success against success may be built on it but again as you heard from senator tim kaine weather not the house takes it up is a big question because speaker paul ryan has already come out against the plan be put forth by senator lamar alexander in patty murray that was senator tim kaine at the axes dot com form also on hand senator bill cassidy earlier this year there is talk of a cosponsored bill by bill cassidy of louisiana and senator lindsey graham of south carolina mike allen is the cofounder and executive editor axios with this question senator cassi do you plan to revive this plan revive your.

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