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On the march twenty first raw shawn michaels has shown in the back in a suit getting ready to leave the arena mohammed hassan comes and walks by and says he deserves to be wrestlemainia there are a lot of like the both faced adversity but showing knows nothing of what has gone faces day in day out and sean says what he doesn't like is that hassan claims he deserves everything but he's earned nothing the next week and his home state they'll go one on one and he'll see why they call him mr wrestlemania so why was the sign but with showing in the go home raw for wrestlemania get people talking to get ratings while you go march i mean that that's that is it in a nutshell and to be able to you know you're you're in texas man put him out there and get that exposure baby so let's talk about it we've got a match the next week march twenty eighth assigned comes down for his mind's against michaels but he gets on a mike and he says i don't know what people are screaming about we're six days away and i have six more days to face the prejudice and the bigotry of wrestlemania twenty one i've not been pinned on raw and still i'm excluded from the biggest show of the year and he's going to be taken on sean of course you've comes out and they have a strong match it goes around twelve minutes or so michaels setting them up for the sweep jin music when kurt angle comes in an attack on the calls the hugh which just furthers wrestlemainia twenty one i mean there's no chance that is on was going over here it was just a way to tease the big match and setup wrestlemainia little further right expose both guys till's to great stories at one time with great match and i think that boosted hassan's stock being in the ring with shawn michaels let's get to wrestlemania twenty one he doesn't have a match on the card which is kinda surprising guess considering how long this character has been built up here's what killer wrote of what happened eugene walked out to the ring zero reaction he jumped up and down and said i can't believe i'm at wrestlemania said it was a second favorite wrestlemainia moment ever his favorite was we king kong bundy body slammed a little person he said the good and bad little people formed an army and attacked bundy and muhammed has sign and vara then walk out in the all white garb and they rent about not being part of wrestlemainia and they're gonna make their own wrestlemainia moment and they attack eugene and put them in the camel clutch so of course whole cogan makes the save all red and yellow he beats up a saw in place of the crowd and jr screaming this is a wrestlemainia moment he tosses a saw over the top rope davar his hogan the back with a chair hogan no sales then beats up vary there's him over the top rope and it's doing the posing again would you think of this wrestlemania any moment does it get any bigger than being in the ring at wrestlemainia with hulk hogan no well there you go so the promo the promo all the way up is not arrests mating i'm not arrest made and i'm not at wrestlemania i'm not wrestlemainia which means i'm going to be a wrestlemainia and then to get the spotlight of all spotlights get your ass kicked by hulk hogan wrestlemainia great shit of course mark talked about this and he says how do you answer that this is what got me in wrestling i remember hulk slamming andre the giant the silver dome it was the highlight a mockery or i've worked with tremendous talents shawn michaels chris jericho kane the undertaker but this is whole cogan not to take anything away from those guys but it's whole cogan the moment in msg when hulk hogan save shawn michaels i learned the meaning of the term blew the roof off the building the center that ring it felt like we were lifting off the ground he was laid back cool great to work with i've heard bad stories about him but i have not one negative thing to say about him what advance think of this segment obviously even though it does feel like you know it's not standard fare for wrestlemainia this gets both guys over in a big way oh my god please see hold back in wwe braying and.

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