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In the past three weeks. Tao in the S and P closing higher the NASDAQ lower You're listening to ABC news, traffic and weather together. Let's go their case. Dana has joining US brunch and ready by the Roseville autumn. All downtown with Split is nine minutes. East bound Camp City Heavy in Midtown. Get past that here. Pretty good. Once you get to 80, it's another well. Eight minutes to Roseville of Douglass Boulevard downtown. L grow 12 minutes high five. Little heavy slowing as you approach El Rowe Boulevard. Ifyou're on 99, it's 16 minutes, slowing. Round. The slowdown begins now at about Laguna goes all the way to accept this river. This is because of an earlier situation down there, and, apparently North bound traffic jammed up really well as well. The slowdown begins just after looks like Elm Avenue and goes all the way up to the cassette of this river. And then it clears up. If you're going to Folsom, it's a 90 minute ride. Eastbound 50 Fulsome Boulevard 18 minutes downtown A woodland Norton I five in about nine minutes away, Davis On westbound 80 with heavy traffic Still eastbound Etienne the Davis area, especially Richard Boulevard, that area it's the Roseville Autumn all 30 Year Anniversary sale celebrating 30 Years of success with a sail like No other every minute of November over 7000 vehicles, their price to celebrate this is the sale. You don't want to miss the Roseville autumn, all driven to be the best traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1. Thank you, Dana. And now our kfbk forecast, as we're into these cooler temperatures will.

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