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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine herbs the focus of the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination is shifting to Texas for tonight's third round of debates and here's got Deathrow reports the top ten candidates in polling data will be on stage in Houston Joe Biden held a steady lead all summer as Elizabeth Warren gain ground in poll after poll but until now they had never shared a debate stage whether the two candidates confront their differences on health care in a range of other policies is one of the main questions for tonight's debate in a week of foreign policy shake up some surprises from the White House candidates will also likely field questions about how they would wind down the military presence in Afghanistan which continues eighteen years after the September eleventh terrorist attacks Bernie Sanders Cory Booker Connelly Harris and that Rourke will also share the stage along with Leon Castro any club char people to judge and Andrew Yang scattered fro NPR news Houston. president trump says he is postponing a scheduled here of increase on some two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of Chinese imports and fears god Worsley reports the move follows China's decision to suspend some of its own terrace on American goods. president trump call the decision to delay the terrified ache a gesture of good will import taxes were schedule declined from twenty five percent to thirty percent October first but trump announced he'll push that back until October fifteenth that should allow time for the next round of high level trade talks here in Washington it also avoids hiking terrace on the day China will be celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the people's Republic China also announced Wednesday that its is spending some of its own terrace on US exports the stock market rally as investors welcomed signs of a possible de escalation in the trade war Scott Horsley NPR news Washington. in the Bahamas search crews continue to look for survivors of the powerful hurricane Dorian that ravaged the island chain leaving at least fifty people dead some twenty five hundred are listed as missing but the names of those people have been checked yet against the number of people who fled or who are living in shelters prime minister Hubert menace. it's. we are now shifting to recovery stabilization the restoration. meanwhile power is coming back on to the city of reports that officials say smaller villages on the coast of the grand Bahamas are still in the dark. the Coast Guard is implementing additional safety recommendations in the wake of the fatal dive boat fire off the coast of southern California that left thirty four people dead the new recommendations include limiting the use of power strips and extension cords and charging lithium ion batteries unsupervised the cause of that blaze is still under investigation. financial markets Asian markets ended the day mixed use futures contracts a trading positive you're listening to NPR news. state senators in California have passed a landmark bill allowing college athletes to make money off their name images and likeness and here's caught Tom Goldman says of passage of that bill came after the NC double a worn it considers the legislation to be unconstitutional the final Senate vote on the fare paid to play act was thirty nine to zero in favor California is loud and clear says the bill's author senator Nancy Skinner she knows the bill doesn't force colleges to pay athletes it allows them to use their athletic prominence to do things like monetize YouTube videos or teach swim lessons in a letter to California governor Gavin Newsom the NC double a says the bill erases the critical distinction between college and pro sports and gives California schools and unfair recruiting advantage in NC double a working group currently studying name image and likeness issues there's time for compromise if Newsome signs the bill into law it won't go into effect until twenty twenty three Tom Goldman NPR news. the makers of twelve toys are vying to win the national toy hall of fame number one on the list is the smartphone not as a phone but as a device to play games on other finalists include matchbox cars coloring books care bears Django.

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