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You have a hatred in your heart for them You have zero respect for them right Now Biden knows full well that the $3.5 trillion percuss bankruptcy Bill which will bankrupt a bankrupt us and cause inflation like you've never seen before in your lifetime It'll cause a flood of 3.5 trillion brand new printed dollars in digital dollars to chase goods that don't exist I'm just asking you liberals out there even though your skulls are quite thick For a second to just digest something kind of in a common sense nugget If you're already acknowledging we don't have stuff It's locked up in ports because Biden couldn't figure out how to get people to work and truckers the truck and longshoreman to do it because he's anti supply side and supply side services If we don't have a lot of stuff now and there's shortages Do you think printing 3.5 trillion more dollars to chase stuff that doesn't exist What do you think that's going to do It's a very simple question for the lips Well if you're saying well then the stuff that does exist is probably going to cost more you'd be right Now no liberal will say that they're not smart enough But Joe Biden knows that And he knows we don't have the $3.5 trillion from this bill because there are 614 billionaires in the United States where they collective about 3.5 to $4 trillion If you confiscated every bit of their wealth you still wouldn't be able to pay for this $3.5 trillion bill You're like Dan you just said they have 3.5 trillion Yes that's on top of the government spending of around 4 trillion we plan on spending So it's about 7 trillion and 3.5 trillion is not enough to even finance the government in one year But don't let that little fact get into the way of Joe Biden's lies So I want to show you a simple test Now again for regular listeners my podcast this is the kind of thing you're probably gonna be like Gary goes again with the Clinton surplus It's something I used to talk about all the time The Bill Clinton alleged surplus in the budget You remember that For those of you who are alive back then and I was 93 through 2000 You remember the Bill Clinton years And one of the things that left wing media hacks were so proud of in the Clinton years is you remember this one Jim Clinton man he ran a surplus in the budget For the first time we had more money We had more money than we were spending You doubt me for the younger folks who listen to my show I know we do well in that younger demo Thank you to you younglings out there We appreciate your attention I'd like you to just go and put that in a search engine on your phone Put Clinton surplus You can read thousands tens of thousands of articles about the Clinton surplus Proving to you yet again that the media will lie to your face Why Because there is no such thing It doesn't exist Why does this relate to Biden lying to you about the $3.5 trillion bill costing nothing Follow me I promise it'll make sense in you So in order to make this easy I went to a statistics site I didn't go to a partisan site on purpose I went to statista dot com It's a statistics site They don't have a political agenda It is simply statistics taken from the government and everywhere else Everybody got that It's not a right leaning sight so that a left leaning site It is a number site It's a two plus two equals four We don't really care about your opinion site So I want this to teach the dot com Now if you put in a search engine matter of fact liberals go to your favorite one Go to Google which you swear is like some big truth to the communists at Google You swear by it's your golden calf God Just put in there Clinton's surplus and read all the articles about oh my gosh Clinton my gosh this is amazing He had so much money There was a government surplus So I asked you this when I go to statista dot com And I pull up the Clinton presidency years 93 through 2000 right When I pull them up I notice this pattern with the national debt So now simple common sense household math would tell you what folks if you had a debt say you had a $100,000 in debt And every year you ran over with your expenses $10,000 You'd be adding 10,000 to the debt Bad for getting interest for a moment just in simple numbers that in ten years you'd have 200,000 in debt I know liberals let me do the math slow That's 10,000 plus 10,000 plus 10,000 on ten times okay So you'd add you would then add a $100,000 more in debt right Everybody getting that the liberals I know we gotta do this slow I'm very sorry You had a 100,000 you added 10,000 a year for ten years You have 200,000 a day That's how that works Forget interest for a second Okay I got to keep this simple There are Democrats listening So in the Clinton years if he was running a surplus every single year and whenever ran a deficit but was running a government surplus then how is it that these numbers never go down and only go up Let's go through them one by one Here is the national debt the first year Clinton was in office 4.4 trillion The next year he was in office It was 4.6 trillion The next year 4.97 trillion the next year 5.22 trillion The next year 5.41 trillion the next year 5.52 trillion the next year 5.65 trillion and the next year 5.674 trillion.

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