Chase Utley, Dodgers, Chris Taylor discussed on Freddie Coleman Show


Badly digs back in taps the play moving the bat through the cell left handed hitter weights garin the pitch swing and a basic bright centerfield toward the alley cut off at a backhand by mccutchen fires it around a third head stopping there is grand doll a pinch hit single by chase utley the dodgers have runners at the corners with two outs chris taylor coming to the plate shovel a hard hit balls off the bats lefthanded hitters flurry geared to get back on track the writing chris taylor nice play by the cut you know hostile to the alleyway to cut that off keeping up to a single doll getting around a third chris taylor is over three today got the look fielder's choices and a strikeout for the l a center fielder back to the top of the order five hits for the dodgers runners at the corners garrett the pitch a slider that taylor tried to hold up on but could not strike one so far they sitting guarantee when retire the righties camp at foresight and sits halsey pretty hard off off the lefties read doll and ugly garrod hands together here's the one strike bitch.

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