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A lot closer. Like i've seen a lot of pundits people on twitter. Say that doesn't just gonna tear through him again. I do believe connor when he says about eighty five percent of his last camp was preparing for mandy. Pack yale. 'cause he chose dustin for that charity boxing match. Because he's specifically southbound to get ready for paco. I do believe that i mean. There's a reason. Phil sutcliffe is. Boxing coach isn't here in las vegas because he's not focusing on his boxing. He's focused on mixed martial arts That being said i do favor. Dustin probably pick dustin to win. I have no idea how he's going to win. But i do think this is much closer to fifty fifty than people think. Because i know the connor that we're seeing like i said manufactured playing the best. It's drumming up drama. That's not there. Maybe that's more for connor. Maybe that's not to like tear downpour pouring. Maybe that's what he needs in his at. He needs to hate dustin pori to destroy him. He needs to tell himself. I need to send this man on a stretcher. And i'm assuming that i'm not i have no connection conner's camp right now. I'm just basing off of his best performances. That's what we've seen him do. Yes the cowboy fight. It is what it is struggling with that but cowboy himself said he wasn't really mentally in that fight to begin with so connor. What going back to his roots with his trash-talking probably helps them mentally. I think there's a fifty fifty fight. But i do slob. I'm getting dustin. Because i i read some stat. That trilogy fights the winner of the second fight almost always wins the third fight and i love stats baseball man. Based on that. I'm going to pick dust emporia third round. Tko sean your thoughts. Who walks out of the t. mobile arena with a huge win. Yet i agree with jose on two different points here. One the idea that. I think this is going to be a lot. Closer in just generally is a lot closer than people are making out to to be right. 'cause you have two games you have. People who think dawson all is easy. Dozens gonna win again. It was no problem the first time. It'll be no problem the second time which isn't true because it was it was very close in competitive fight up until the knock-out net in that rematch. Then yeah people will just think conor just gonna wash us in the connor diehards. I do think it's somewhere in the middle. Like jose. Saying i mean that second fight was so ultracompetitive and i do believe connor when he was saying when he essentially says that he trained boxing for most of that camp and also that he kind of you know thought it'd be easier. He thought he was going to walk through. Dustin already did at once. He was coming in ultra-confident. I think that's a lot of why he was acting the way he was acting. He was looking past him to a certain degree which he has already said. And i i actually agree with him. I may have that right But that being said dust answer something about doesn't play right now man. He really does seem to exude. The confidence of a man who knows something that the rest of us don't and there is always is always a weird. There's always a weird thing with somebody has that sort of mindset coming into a fight right where they just have so much belief in themselves and they just are paying no attention to the noise. I do believe that the connor trash talking the way his acting for this fight is mostly for himself. Because he's totally right like the way that he used to get himself. So wound up into these fights It really seemed to work for him in in ever since. Man that the friend conner only seen it a few times but it didn't really work out. It does absolutely feel like conor. Mcgregor is doing a lot of this one to market the fight. Make himself more money but also to really get himself in some place that he may be hasn't been able to find for a long time when you. It's the old when you're waking up on silk sheets satin sheets type of thing. He is so obscenely wealthy at this point. He has a family multiple children. He's not that guy who was there. You have c. One seventy eight. He's not that hungry young up and comer who is still scrapping calling for everything you can get. That's not his. That's not been his life for a long time. And i do feel like he is trying to put himself back into that place in that mindset with this with this Conversation that he has started around this fight that being said ultimately making the pick. I agree with jose i it does feel as though this is. Dustin fight to lose is the favourite for a reason. we anything can happen with conor mcgregor. We've seen that guy pull off the impossible. We've seen him pull off the magical time and time again. But i do agree. I think doesn't play a wins that he wins by knockout. Probably mid round similar to the first fight. Maybe drags third round fourth round. Something like that. But i do call knockout for dustin play. This sport is so crazy right. Just like the last fifteen minutes. Ten fifteen minutes. You could go down a psychological rabbit hole at this fight in look at so many different angles and one thing that always sticks out to me with them a when it comes to situations like this momentum means so much in the sport and it's not like a reasons he bias thing because emma is so recency by space but dust emporia has a lot of momentum right now like and there's a lot on the line for both of these men but i feel like poor. Ages has more ways to win this fight like he's eaten connors bigshots. He's delegated in. Connor is super elusive. And he's so good at making adjustments. I just don't know if he and his team can construct the right type of game plan. In six months to defeat in my opinion the absolute best hundred fifty five pound fighter in the world. So i've been wrong before. I may be wrong tomorrow night. But my god is telling me. I'm getting pre gasoline. Izzy vibes right now. That this thing is going to be ridiculous. There's gonna be a lot of heart a lot of will displayed by both guys. And i think we're gonna see a fifth round. And i think we're going to go to the judges and a classic twenty five minutes but i think dust emporia digs deep against gets the decision after a big fifth round. Maybe even hurts. Connor down the stretch. But i think this is going to be one of those fights. Were talking about the end of the air. where like. Hey member number the trilogy. Five between conor mcgregor indust- emporia man. Oh man was at a great fight. And i think we're going to kind of have that same conversation Moving forward through the rest of twenty twenty one. So that's the main event signed. Madonna that up for that. That sounds wonderful right. Like i wanna see connor. Get that cage time. I wanna see this guy get dragged into that type of a type of fight. Jose i think both you and i were there for diaz connor to right next to each other. We set aside mannesmann like that is. That is what i want to see from this. I if that if that is where we get out of this. I am so overwhelmingly. Happy no matter who wins it because that like we just need more moments like that with this guy. We've been so deprived of connor fights through the years. But we know he's capable of something like that. I would love to see that. Outcome will is made this one one one last final thing. I want to add as a lot of people say like whose legacy will be affected. The most with a wynonna loss. I am on. I am a hundred percent in the boat that it depends on how you win. And how you lose like sean says and what you said if that is izzy. Gasoline both stocks rise both their careers..

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