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Person what it like. I think so. I'll say taking in the baby out. I'll go with that one That was the biggest shock You know teenagers at a certain point like teenagers are kind of self sufficient. You don't really have to do to to munch but so since i didn't had any experience of babies i work from home work on a work on a tv. Show now. so i was like. Oh yeah i'm at home all day. I can put a baby in while i work. No problems going to be that easy emin. The first day the baby came. What acted like look at this entity. Like every minute of the day because he tried to kill herself like twenty times a day in. That was the big. That was the big Life is change and then when he first got some our house He was so sad because he didn't understand what was going on so to see a baby just kind of looking around and being so scared into screaming his lungs for days. It was really hard on me like it started at one point. I even broke down and started crying because i. This child is so traumatized in it's breaking my heart and so it was. It was an adjustment for both of us but once a once we found our groove like now. It's it's lovely. Wow i can't imagine and man. I can't imagine 'cause i have two kids under two and so i know exactly you know but at the same time i could never know right and In that is an amazing amazing gift for for that little dude but for for society general. I hope you'll do documentary. I hope you've got cameras set up all of your house just recording constantly because that'll be great be role for the documentary. You do you know because obviously a connection between compassion and caring for the animals in our community of people who do these amazing amazing things to save animals but again like i've never heard of anyone who's who's going to the life altering lengths that you have to to save a human life right and to alter it in care for it and poor your everything into into that relationship. It is just the most amazing thing. So i really hope you'll. You'll do a documentary on that next. I wouldn't even know you know like the honestly the faucet fearsome it is so jacked up. Like i what i shouldn't laugh i bet but i can only imagine you can own the kid only imagine you can only imagine like if i did. A doc on is is when i would even know our that foster care system apart. I wouldn't even know where to start if that it is bad man while i think when you come back you'll do the starfish dansk deep into the foster care system. And there's so much more to talk about but but to leave it there for today Jasmine observe. of course. You know you've got your your website. Jasmine leiva l. e. y. Va spelled sounds. If i'm pronouncing that correctly is another place that people can find you find your work. A cory will begin dot com the channels will link to all these things. I'm on a what is it. Instagram twitter facebook patriae. I mean warranted todd without like Findable got it. Is there a final word of message. Something a call to action for all the people listening today. All the people listening Just moving love like whether you are if your own your journey like something you wanna start like be loving toward yourself at any point if you relapse. Do not make it a big thing of shane. In guilt love yourself relapsed. Give me a part of the process if you are already vegan you know maybe instead of turning people off one dinner table at a time be compassionate people who have not reached you know point where they want to fully commit and show them the loving side. Veganism makes them want to be a part of something a beautiful community. So just yeah. Everyone moves in love. I love that. And i don't know any vegan to ever turned off a dinner table. Full people ever read. I've turned out at least ten myself. you know multi sometimes multiple the same people. Just you know different years. Said go back. You know for thanksgiving do it all again. You know so. I've definitely evolved for that. So i will take your your call to action to hurt and the try to be more more loving. Thank you jasmine really appreciate you spending time with us today. Thank you for having me..

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