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Because September 24th. We're doing it. In Chicago. We're there. Sexy liberal Chicago. Set the world up. How sparks for Angela? Me. Oh, yeah. Yeah. October 22nd, the big one in LA right before the election October 22nd. Tearing that aroma theater. That's right. Who knows who our special guests are gonna be there? Who knows in Chicago? I mean, sexy liberal dot com. Last time we played Chicago, we had Margaret Cho and Jan schakowsky on stage with us. You never know his friend Friends with us. One of those people already has it on your calendar. 9 minutes after the hour, more Fridays with pugil saying on the Stephanie Miller show. What's the W CPT 8 20, where facts matter? I'm Jessica edinger, CNBC. Stocks are poised for modest losses this morning on Wall Street ahead of the long Independence Day holiday weekend. It is the first trading day of July and of the second half of the year. The first half was the worst for the S&P 500 Index since 1970, year to date it's down more than 20%. On Monday, investors will take a breather as the markets will be closed for the 4th of July. Bitcoin down almost 9% this week after turning in its worst month since the cryptocurrency was available on exchanges in 2010 in June. Bitcoin lost 40% of its value. More than 200 flights were already canceled so far this morning within into or out of the U.S., according to flight aware flyers are bracing for issues heading into the long weekend as airlines and air traffic control towers struggle with staffing issues. New in theaters, universal's minions, the rise of gru. Jessica edinger CNBC. You're the CNBC business updates each weekday at 9 30 1230 and four 30. Now, your W CPT a 20 Chicago traffic report. By Chicago's west side have a report of a police officer shot in the 1300 block of west Taylor and Loomis far west side Roscoe is blocked Laramie to leclerc after a fire earlier this morning, saint delays on the inbound Kennedy starting at canfield. It's 25 minutes O'Hare to down south. How about 21? The eyes are 28 minutes in from three 90. Stevenson just 23 minutes from the veterans memorial to dissolve a Lake short drive and ride 18 minutes 9 defensive downtown. West about 80 94s pack Broadway to Kennedy avenue, there's a crash in the work zone. The left express line is completely blocked there, looking at about an hour and a half to get from the toll road to the patient for free weight. There are gapers delays eastbound. That's traffic. I'm just a Taliban

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