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I'm jim kurl sell ever since last year's brexit vote the fate of the british economy has depended on a clean break from the european union and accomplishment which was put in jeopardy last week by the country's disaster stress general election for more bloomberg's francine the cost built with mark mobius chairman of franklin resources amorous drew co head of investment banking at credit suites learned it does this have an impact on brexit the senate spend quite a mess we kill we have the snap elections they didn't quite go to plan for for the tories but how much of an impact for this have on the permits i think it has the impact is i think people are beginning to realize it this whole brexit situation is causing concern at it is having an impact on prices indirectly you're getting a rise in prices in the number of commodities number of things that people die every day so i think you definitely going to see a lot of concern about brexit i personally believe that the uk is not going to change very much in terms of rules the rules because you talking about forty years now adopting eu rules why change this is a question mark what we had a frank i guess the problem is if you vote for something to trample my feeling is that to be a very soft brexit they just they just remain things remain pretty much the same the only the uk won't have a vote unfortunately think probably worse or is that when you look at the markets look at the world couch is inflation again having an impact on the way with the world on a little bit for that china lack of course in the frontier markets experts how would you quantify the world economy way that was it an aminus or or a cplus i would say it's bits probably somewhere between but on a negative bias we we keep talking about this inflation factor so here it's that rising inflation that most of the world without a problem.

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