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Or something like that. That's what it's called. It's called the John caucus. Stan ask for it by name. It's called the John. I'm telling you, welcome to Johncock, Astana. It's called John Carter. What is it? And I saw the soft taco around put a hardshell inside your loaded up, and then they wrap it, and then they put it under this. You know, the the the toaster earned, and they they close it seals itself. So everything's inside it, so it's like a big burrito sort, but it's like, but it's small it's fixing your hand, you know, John caucus John Conyers. John Costanza Costanza. That's what I say, John Costanza. And then they always laugh in a way that every night if I could cause I loaded up with my own little cheese and meats, and I I would do that. That's Johncock STAN from most that's what it's called. They've got ridiculous names. If you go there and you see their menu. You're going to see these ridiculous names. They've got something else called the what is it called wrong? Doug, the wrong. Doug. Look it up. Doc, Trish, Trish, gets the the wrong Doug over there. At most you pay for things that most she got the wrong. Pay. Do I pay for the common? May we are? Karen, I came up with. No, you came up with that to the work in crew. We are here for you. How about that? That's right. Crew the five pre morning shows here for you t shirt, he means he's going to buy thing of white t shirts. And then use a sharpie to write this on tonight. Not only. Do you have MLB baseball playoffs? Got Boston Astros. Let's go Astros, right. Yes. Five o'clock the Boston. The Boston win the other day tied upstairs one. Yeah. The Connors is on today that was out Roseanne Barr. I think a lot of people will be watching that just to see what it looks like look like, yeah. Exactly can care less. Just to see your tell me how it is your big actor. He's in. He starts the Newseum showed the rookie tonight at ten o'clock in my big actor you like what's his name? Oh boy. Them them a lot. We really got..

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