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I'm scott goldberg prayers answered across thailand as search crews find twelve boys and their soccer coach alive after being trapped inside a flooded cave for more than a week many people are coming those are divers assuring the boys that help is coming when they first discovered the team huddled on rocks trying to stay above the rising water now we're learning more about the conditions search crews have endured working to find those boys it was like diving that's belgian diver ben remnants describing the murky water inside the boys are now being fat and checked out by medic before their lead two miles out of the cave back at home president trump has been talking with some potential supreme court nominees president trump says he sat down monday morning with four potential candidates to be the next justice on the supreme court they are outstanding people they are really incredible people in so many different ways academically and every other way the president called his meetings very interesting instead homemade decision on the nominee in the next few days abc's karen travers some democrats are demanding the president tear down what they say is the second wall he's built to prevent illegal immigration we call it the partnership for new americans democratic congressman luis gutierrez saying president trump no longer needs to build a physical wall saying he's already done it by delaying and denying legal immunity and immigration yes they won they won and being able to stop people immigration rights group says president trump's administration has more than triple the time for legal immigration requests andy field abc news washington harvey weinstein's lawyer says his client won't enter a plea as the disgraced hollywood producers charged with new sex assault crimes including predatory sexual assaults that charge carries a maximum life sentence if he's convicted three year old girl has died after being stabbed at her own birthday party in boise idaho police say the suspect is thirty you're listening to abc news.

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