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Spots. This fire has ravaged roughly 800 acres. We watched crews start to restore power and Sumner and Bonney Lake evacuation orders. They're still in place, but some people are returning home. Others like Lori Lund can't go home. Not yet an insurance assessor deemed her home a catastrophic loss. She doesn't know what's next. It's terrifying. It's It's awful. It's uncertainty. We don't know the condition of our home if we'll be able to return to its neighbors have lost their homes, and it's a time of Cove it I thought that was our number one concern, and now we've got this to face and again. It's the uncertainty and the unknown that scares a central part of our state. In Okanogan County. Evacuation orders are still in effect. Where the Cold Springs fire continue. Is to spread that fire has burned several buildings. It's about 25% contained in it is scorched more than 187,000 Acres. Wildfires in central Oregon are producing some harrowing stories of survival from families who escaped the flames east of Eugene. Yeah, try not to think about that one. It's a Early bums my positivity, Tiffany's home and Blue River has been reduced to ashes. Monday night, she headed home to work on Lee to find out the raging holiday farm fire was knocking on our front door. Her six year old daughter, niece and sister were still inside the house. She says To me, there's no way for us to get out and I told her you have to get the girls wet their blankets. Tiffany turned around, rushing to get them, but she wrecked her car that he was in at the time. He begged to sheriff deputy to give her a ride home, but they couldn't get there with the flames. Luckily, firefighters rescued her sister and the little girl That's almost Tammy Matassa reporting from Springfield to remind you once again, the co Moh news is teaming up with the Salvation Army to raise money for the people in need is a result of these devastating wildfires. You can find all the information you need right at the top of our home page, a co Moh news dot com Coming up on the come all morning news. I'm baronial Pierce County Sheriff decides it's time to retire, Moron. Why, and what comes next time now to check the drive at 6 34 with the traffic update from John Nelson. Traffic starting to pick up on area roadways, Seeing some slow going north, bound by five through come on North Bound Valley Freeway struggling a bit through can't often on getting into rent in four or five started see the normal heavy traffic in the North bound direction. Renton to the Newcastle area, floating bridges, looking good across the water, looking at some slow traffic right now, I five North bound al bro getting in the downtown Seattle travel times right now, Federal way to Seattle will take about 27 minutes. It's a quad to Seattle about 18 minutes ever to Seattle about 28 minutes. Our next Comeau traffic at 6.

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