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And i think they did bodied in rotting different characters. In this case may writing about a female character is allows me to sort of feel free an objective in a way that really have to get hung up on people thinking. I'm running about myself. I read books last year. I mean the bat something that code and davinci way rate at end suspect that the oath describing himself for these scrubbing is nine nine character and i wanted to kind of get rot away from that sound. Tim's of you know most of the usa all of these people really. It's really along my wife. And my we mentioned your own. The pissed in new orleans between in gillies and zoe in the work is but she also has a personal relationship problem going back to doing law at university. Who would tom and sally. Tom has now. Boyfriend sallied crown prosecutor. Thomas saudi where law school together. Sorry was said university with them. L. pot of fairly taught they've griffin sally. Ann somewhere boyfriend girlfriend. Second university for time. And then zoe. Sally had a falling back before about tibet. Some some rumors about about sally which tend to be true. Rimas which caused a bit of a rift. Because senator decided that zoe invented the rim isil spread by and that caused a big rift side. Now that sally is a cramp prosecutor ends as a homicide detective sort of a rich pickings now because the feeling bad feelings from sally had gone away. Absolutely good to take needs could supports this detective inspector rob lady who trust and demise zoe's instincts this hannah nugent an angus batch ready to back her up and do the secondary heck work and there's anjali a- ara what a her skill sets thought technical services person within almost like a daughter analyst a wicks in actually the background work for the Detectives and jollies indian indian. Australian ninety is very very highly skilled. And she's got a bit of a back story to comes riding supplies towards the end of the book and johnny's parents were really impressed. The cheapest working with zoe because zoe has hero status to some people in watching the coast Sign we have good team together. Do you think they're to do another investigation. Simon rowe miller rotting book to publishes takes takes publishing value commission the second book about a month before the first came out which was very very gratifying. Some route at the moment. That's another book on the cheek. That sort of area on the border between new south wales torah and almost starting to think about the Book to sank gonna be sit around. Ballarat goldfields holiday trait herrera's seconds. I can travel.

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