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Just with the goalkeeping okay. Pretty simple before. But they'd lime icon. Subbed on morale for cash bush marco but there no matter what schmuck scores. That's my points. So do i want to stick. Twist with a six point. And from donna. Reema with a goalkeeper. You know yes they can get points in. This can save panel is like could score spa offering six points. You take that you would probably stick bra. If don t points you would stop him out for shmarko nash. Marco could get zero points or minus one vast the gamble you've tyke and you've got to do it before ted law and of the game the substance show is going to play in so just save donna. Roma you stick key. Eissa scored for points. You're definitely going to stick with definitely going to stick. Unless you're chasing the mini league in the night rounds you probably gonna stick with that but just know that you call the change. Your captaincy too key. Eissa you've had own umass. The games finished. All you can do is change your captaincy from yomas to anyone. That hasn't played. So you probably wish you stuck it on but that boat sailed and then you final decision to use up to shoot you as the switch. The captain say if he's blanked and got two point you're most likely going to sub the out right so just say you've now got lukaku on the saturday before that substitution window. Two o'clock on a saturday. You can switch. Captain say from yomas to cargo so you must goes down two points wherever lukaku scores is entitled but the good thing about base is you can carry on gambling so so just say lukaku gets you. Six points scored the goal. The next day on a sunday again substitution wind will be two o'clock on the sunday. Because that's the first game england vs croatia. You the lineups. Another little perk. Would you gamble switching lukaku to kane. Captain see you know where it gets interesting because six points saint bad but it could be who knows maybe a feeling lucky captain say and switch it from lukaku to kind.

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