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It's funny because a Libya Dabo thought was just gonna be this huge star. She's so good in this vase, so good. And she's so charming and lovable. I love that thing that are -tainer. I love it taking her retainer out. And I wondered whose choice that was I wonder that too. Like did they they didn't have the money to build her retainer? Was that real it must have been real. Right. It might have been like, I don't see a low budget. Indie being like, let's built a retainer. So she can take it in and out. I'm sure they did at. Yeah. But like, I don't know. Maybe that was her idea. I don't know. It's a great. It's very cute idea in a review from back. Then that hated that said she was always doing this annoying thing with her retainer. And I was like it wasn't annoying. Sometimes. Yeah. They messed what's truly create about something. Well, I feel like so grounded in reality. Like everybody knows that like that are all. Yeah. Did you ever d- lake writing intensive classes where is your where you sit around and you read your writing and other people critique as wish majored sour, okay? Yeah. Okay. So yes, it's awful. There was also that. Yeah. I loved those scenes like writing like reading has pretentious. She'd sort of like six. Yeah. Well, those to me like my favorite parts of the movie are the flashbacks that sort of the through line of their relationship because it opens with her leaving him to go to Prague. And then they tell the story in flashback of how they met, and those are really sort of the sweetest sweetest parts of the movie, I think, yeah, I agree for sure. I also think there are so many incr-. I mean, it just speaks to lake what an incredible writer, Noah baumbach. Is. There are so many lines in kicking and screaming jump out and are so memorable and repeatable. I've been Diprivan proclaming. I haven't been to Prague. But I know that thing that that's one of the best lines. You've been to Prague I've been to promote Nepad, but it also sort of like like I used to try and write scripts and stuff, and I still do for fun. And it had that student film thing of like he took every funny line he ever wrote on his legal pad, and like stuffed it in his first most of most Carlos j cots character is just those like funny lines. Yeah. He's great. He's so good. I've worked over the years. Oh, really? Yeah. I really like him a lot. He sounds like a pilot every year as a writer. I feel what rights until he likes feel like he has. Silence. A lot. He so he's in the movie, by the way, and he and Noah went to college together. We're good friends. Okay. Let another that. Let me tell you a story. Chuck, what's. So. I think this is in my book. I don't think it got cut. When I said, this is my favorite movie. I was fully obsessed with these grows and when my first pilot season when I had my agent the year that I got freaks and geeks. Actually, part of how I freaks gigs. I went I got an audition she for my agents, and it was called the acting class that imagine entertainment was producing and NBC was supposed to be doing. And the writers were Carlos j Kat and Noah baumbach, and the director was Noah baumbach, and I like flipped out like this. I was nineteen years old. So where was he in his career? Was it right after this? Yes ninety. Yeah. Nineteen thousand he had done, Mr. jealousy. Ohka? This was nineteen ninety eight pilots. And so I went in for the it was my first year. So I went in for the casting associates. She brought me back for the casting director. The casting director was like I would love to bring you back for the director. And producers like means Noah baumbach, so they brought me back in. I did my scene for them. I was really funny and. And it was Noah and Carlos in the room. It was like south broiling. And as I was leaving. I like stopped the door. And it was like I just have to say, I don't know if this is the thing that you're supposed to do an audition because I've never done this before kicking screaming is my favorite movie of all time. I can't fucking believe I'm in this room. Is so exciting to me. And just like, thank you..

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