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Canceled more than 1800 flights over the weekend the airline is blaming the operational meltdown on air traffic control issues and limited staffing and bad weather A U.S. Navy engineer and his wife were arrested in an FBI sting accused of trying to pass U.S. nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign government Jonathan and Diana tebby were arrested in West Virginia after trying to pass a computer memory card to FBI agents posing as representatives of a foreign government Former State Department official colonel Steve ganyard They were a little bit imaginative and decided that they would put a memory chip SAD chip inside a peanut butter sandwich because who would pull apart other than a two year old peanut butter and jelly sandwich and look for a memory card Colonel gannets spoke to ABC A federal appeals court has reinstated Texas highly restrictive abortion law which effectively bans most abortions in the state This comes after a judge had halted a day earlier For William Shatner space the final frontier We'll have to wait one more day Shatner's Blue Origin flight was pushed back to Wednesday because of high winds Shatner captain James Kirk in the original Star Trek TV series tells CBS mornings he's glad for the delay This is no piece of cake But we've delayed 24 hours because of the winds and the enormous concern for our safety and we welcome that concern The launch of its new shepherd rocket will take Shatner and three others into space Shatner who is 90 years old will become the oldest person to make the journey to space Live from the Bloomberg interactive brokerage studios This is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists And more than a 120 countries Michael Barr this is Bloomberg temple Michael you do an event and you hope things work out The Boston Marathon moves from April to October and possibly maybe the red sex season will be over And instead I mean they have to win They don't want to go back to the Tampa Bay Well I mean 7 o'clock tonight Red Sox Tampa In case anybody doesn't know Boston they won their series against Tampa Bay I've won their game against Tampa Bay They're up in the series two games to one best of 5 In a dramatic walk off home run what I don't understand is that the top of that there's a rule where it came off the Boston Red Sox player and it went over the wall But that's ruled a ground rule double Yes As the experts I read said they interpreted the rule correctly There's not much debate about that right Well no there's not But Alex Corey he didn't realize about that particular rule That's pretty obscure Yeah I mean you know All right so the Red Sox can actually close this out They can close out Michael's going to run the marathon and he'll be up there I'll take a surveillance Gulfstream up to Boston I'll be there with my lion's T-shirt The weather sort of April is I mean you know it's cooler It's not like running in June or something It's confident The fact it's already started the wheelchair event has already started The elites go and then the regular part goes later on They go by you the first time I saw it was in Washington street in wellesley And I'm looking out the window in the adults are going by They go by very quickly They look like they look like wander Franco last night Going down to space did you see his speed down to first baseless Yeah it was I'm telling you this is great I'm proud of your games today Yes Four games again today For you Yes I'm not a part of it So I haven't really been paying attention It was another wonderful New York football.

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