Tom Cotton, China, Richard Ebright discussed on Laura Ingraham


And then what gets me face the nation has a tweet from February ninth wherein they actually quoted the ambassador the giants they the the Chinese ambassador who was just dismissing all of of Tom cotton's if he said it was quote absolutely crazy yes let's go ahead and let's leave communist China and there were so many people that jumped into this so many people and there by the way the idea that one of the common defense is that there's no way he could possibly non that that's not true because Washington post literally had the piece they they cited an expert Richard Ebright as a way to discount what Tom cotton said let's go back to my main article that we're starting out with the Washington post the same publication that's quoted Richard Ebright as the source for discounting senator cotton and his his his observations based on evidence now eat right actually in a very completely different articles and yeah that's yep there you go I rest my case no I don't I did.

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