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And on. And I know what you're thinking. What's wrong with that? Think about in your job. Okay. Your your job wherever you work. If you just do the bare minimum of your job. Which is what Todd young did by voting to confirm Brett cabinet under the supreme court lately. I mean, what other choice did he have it wasn't like Todd young went out and flipped anybody's vote. It wasn't like he was on the front lines changing Joe Donnelly. In fact, Todd young was on Tony cats. The the Friday before the vote defending Joe Donnelly and refusing to condemn any of the Democrats. He went out of his way, not to do that. Todd young did the absolute bare minimum that was required by him of his job. Nothing more nothing less and yet here he is at this dinner of a thousand people getting a standing ovation for what? You wonder why these guys are so arrogant and have such out of control egos. It's crap. Like this at your job. If you just do the bare minimum does someone point at you in a room full of a thousand people enforce everyone to give you a standing ovation. No. Of course, not and they shouldn't. But that's how we treat politicians like because they do the absolute bare men them, and when I'm talking about what Todd young did as it relates to Brett cavenaugh is he voted for him. Nothing. More nothing less. He gets a standing ovation. I wish that I look I'm filling in for the chicks today. So that means I'm going way above and beyond what I'm supposed to. I'm just supposed to sit here and press the buttons and make a, you know pity comment from time to time and and do speed round. I'm I'm doing it. All today. I'm I'm running my own board today. Somebody should come in here. And give me a standing ovation. You know, what they're not going to because that's my job. That's what I signed up for. Todd young did the bare minimum and the fact that we continue to treat these guys like they're celebrities were doing the bare minimum of a job that pays them two hundred thousand dollars a year. Plus sweet benny's is part of the problem. You know who else is part of the problem is a much bigger part of the problem is former vice president Joe Biden, and he was in town. For a not a town. He was in Indiana in Hammond on Friday campaigning for Joe Donnelly. And I've said this for a very long time in politics. You are the company you keep. You are the company you keep and in the case of Joe Donnelly he wants to present himself as middle of the road. Moderate guy, who's always open to do business, and is always willing to keep an open mind. But if you look at big campaigns in Indiana. What sort of company does he keep well keeps guys like Andre Carson? He keeps guys like the Clintons. I mean, Joe Donnelly went around the state campaigning with Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton in two thousand sixteen. It was quite proud about it interviewed him when I had my show in Hendricks county at the time, and he was laughing and having a great old time about it. Those are buddies. And now, it's Joe Biden. And here's what Joe Biden, if you voted for Donald Trump, you need to listen to this very closely this next clip, if you are on the fence about whether you're going to vote for Mike Bronner, Joe Donnelly, if you are on the fence, and you voted for Donald Trump, you need to hear this next clip because this is what Joe Biden and by default Joe Donnelly 'cause he was standing there clapping with a room full of people two thousand plus people clapping at this remark. This is what he thinks of you you need to know this before you vote sake. Listen..

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