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Would have a radio Regis center Chris Monfort was right yeah why do you feel that way because all cops are **** so he killed a police officer you think that's fine do you condone anyone killing a police officer absolutely losers like that exist in yet officers one Forsman all across the country every single day they put on that uniform a target on their backs the bad guys they do each and every shift no we might not make it home that night no we we may not make it home the next morning but they do it because they love the community they serve last week here in Washington state we lost a deputy and we lost W. right before Christmas here's candy sheriff's deputies name was Cooper Dyson he was only twenty five years old this is a guy who had a wife was pregnant with their second child a baby girl do you in just the next few weeks this is a guy who leaves also a three year old son behind right before Christmas he was rushing to get to a domestic violence call in parkland Washington's very close to the common Washington on the way over there to help his fellow deputies deal with a twenty two year old whose name you should know me see is Dayton Craver who cops allege which try to get a shot gun and I needed some help have you guys seen heard that call try to rush to get to them unfortunately in that rush to get to them he got into a car accident and he died at the scene yesterday there was a memorial here in Washington state it's something that comes out of this is a reminder that there are not as many lunatics like the audio I just played raising all cops as **** turns out there are way more people like you and I who actually support our law enforcement they come out in droves support officers were hurt or killed in duty I wish they didn't have to do that what's an unfortunate reality of policing can be David David rose was there yesterday he trained Cooper Dyson so I'm not just as a good officer but a good person he loved his wife and his son so much I was terrified we get excited about having a daughter this man was one of the most honest open and caring people I have met in a really long time he was fully committed to his job like almost every other deputy and cop out there this is a guy who would sometimes work sixteen seventeen hour days I would tell on the home as a family man you don't have to solve every crime of every hour of every day then open up to me that Dan explained he was working so that he could save up enough money for when he won a family we have believed to spend time with his daughter who is about is about to be introduced into this world without the ability to see her father and it was a quote that was shared by a David rose yesterday deputy rose a quote from general Patton it is foolish and wrong to.

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