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In history Nathan Facebook parent meadow plunged 26% erasing $251 billion in value There could be a silver lining for CEO Mark Zuckerberg though and we get the details lie from Bloomberg's Renee to young good morning Renee Good morning Karen the big question is if Facebook users are flocking to TikTok should it be considered competition And if so the more challenging landscape adds muscle to fight a pending government lawsuit against meta Since med has earnings miss CEO Mark Zuckerberg has cited competition from TikTok as a threat That claim is at the heart of the FTC's antitrust lawsuit against meta which says it's a monopoly with no true competition live in New York I'm renita young Bloomberg daybreak All right we need to thanks turning to the economy now We get the payrolls report for January this morning The consensus calls for a gain of 125,000 jobs Bloomberg's Vinny del judice reports The prior report covering December registered the weakest showing since December 2020 January state it could be even weaker The White House has said so much in a rare announcement earlier in the week Bloomberg economics says the government collected data when autocrine cases were peaking when confirmed infections were rising faster than the delta wave Many doubt should ice Bloomberg daybreak All right Vinny thank you and turning to politics overseas The crisis involving UK prime minister Boris Johnson has gotten worse for top aids have resigned in the wake of the party Gates scandal and that's the 5 things you need to know to start your day brought to you by interactive brokers And S&P futures again they've turned lower down about four points to down futures down a 139 they've also turned lower while managed to have futures remain higher of 86 or 6 tenths of our percent And straight ahead your latest local headlines plus a check of sports and this is Bloomberg All right Karen thanks 6 33 on Wall Street 53° in Central Park temperatures falling through the day We got a lot of accidents to get to shortly first Michael Barr with more on what's going on in New York and around the world Michael Thank you very much Nathan President Biden met with New York City mayor Eric Adams and governor Kathy hochul to talk about the reason wave of gun violence particularly among law enforcement officers The president also announced new initiatives that The White House says would help fund community policing and crackdown on gun crimes I'll keep doing everything in my power to make sure the communities are safer but Congress needs to do as part two Pass universal background checks Ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines close loopholes that keep out of the hands of domestic abusers weapons Repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers Mayor Adams talked about stopping the so called pipeline of illegal guns from gun dealers in southern states We need to increase our funding to ATF so they can give us the sources of these guns that are coming into our city and cities Mayor Adams spoke on ABC's nightline The winter storm stretching across the country is wreaking havoc on roads Parts of the tri state area get ready for winter weather advisories New York City mayor Eric Adams chief of staff Frank coron was subpoenaed for documents in a $4.5 million federal civil racketeering lawsuit over alleged fraudulent.

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