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Hey, folks, I'm Kevin Correa, and this is your E sports minute. The annual end of year all star event for League of Legends has officially been canceled as was announced by Riot Games as global eSports division. The main reasoning behind that cancellation is thanks to the increasing COVID-19 travel restrictions, surrounding the latest variants that we are still facing around the world. With 2020 seeing the all star event be a remote event. Riots shifted gears this year, saying they feel remote play fails to properly capture the spirit of the event, which they see as a global celebration of the game that brings together not just pro players, but influencers and fans as well. While fans have every right to be disappointed, but on the bright side, the 2022 campaign of pro League of Legends is about to kick up by mid January. A little over a month and a half away. Game square is already starting to make big waves with complexity gaming following their acquisition of the eSports organization earlier this year. The two entities announced today a brand new division titled complexity stars, which will feature many pro athletes who are attempting to forge a more personal brand through gaming. Complexity touts it as the nexus between sports entertainment and gaming that'll give everyone more opportunities for collaboration with brands. The initial founding roster of stars features players like two time NBA champion JR Smith, LA Dodger Edwin Rios and former WNBA rookie of the year, Alicia gray, as well as including various NFL and UFC athletes. The announcement adds even more overlap within the entertainment spaces between sports and gaming with fans winning out either way. Lastly, with halo E sports on the rise still, their first major is a little over two weeks away and another major eSports organization has joined in the scene. X set becomes the latest orc to hop on the halo train as they signed the roster formerly known as crowd pleasers who featured a four man squad of Kratos filthy G, suspect and porky J with the start of halo's competitive scene through the HCS qualifiers, the Raleigh kick-off major seems poised to be a landmark event for halo eSports to come. I'm Kevin Correa that's my time and that has been your eSports minute..

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