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Yeah i agree with that i agree with that however i think once you start to combine protein with salt lake salted meets you get a food that actually is associated with craving anna in a pretty high percentage of people especially men so i don't know that like you know a lot of the proteins that we eat are actually pretty natural like meat is a pretty natural food assessed r a food on so i don't know if meet really can kind of rise to the level of you know quote unquote addictiveness that you're gonna see with things like brownies and caixin and you know that sort of thing but i think it definitely has a motivational value for us in a specially meat does i think that's very hard wired so anyway so our brains are are literally wired to look for these specific properties in food and those are food properties that actually spike dopamine in a part of a brick in called the ventral stratum and eventual stratum is really important it's a key part of the grain for motivation learning to be motivated over time as well as pleasure and this is also in this area is also known as the nucleus accumbens basically when dopamine spikes your nucleus accumbens that makes you motivated to go after whatever was that made the dopamine spike and so if you eat a food and there's tons of fat and sugar in it for example you're dopamine is going to start to spike in that tells your brain while this thing that you just ate is awesome is a really great source of fat and sugar and so what your brains going to do as a result of that dopamine is this going to collect all the sensory information that was associated with that food you just eight so it's gonna say let's say it was a brownie it's gonna say skinner remember the smell of the browning it's gonna remember the appearance of the brownie it's going to remember where you got that brownie it's going to remember who you were with skinner remember the name.

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