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Who's up next in texas Good afternoon jake paul. First-time caller man been with you since the inception of the network. Thanks thanks team. Paul for taking my call Three things if i if i have time one shout out to my man matt Don't know matt. He loves his team's. I love matt If he needs any dating advice. I'm for peace from san antonio but I could write a trilogy. Toma volumes on the good the bad and the ugly and i'm willing to share my body and knowledge with him anytime number. Two penn state over auburn hundred five rabid fans. Incredible environment this permit third generation texas. Aggie that was an incredible environment. Auburn would have beaten them in a walmart. Parking lot and west. Virginia forced to think that had penn state beaten vanderbilt on the same night in the same environment. They'd be number five right now. It's an homage to the seat Number three. I want you guys to watch my fighting texas aggie defense this saturday. I want you to. You got to do there in the we go back and watch that second half against colorado. This defense is real. I know we're living in the age. Where defense don't matter. But i'm thinking that I'm thinking it's still does. And paul appreciate you taking my call. I'm a big fan man. I watch as many times as i can. I'm listening to you on sirius channel. Eighty one when. I'm not in front of the tv. Well jake thank you. That's great that's great to hear you call back again. Thank you appreciate it. Yes sir us one of my favorite phrases randy. I'm a for peace texas Description or southern. Like we need to reinvent the the the language jerry is in kentucky where there are a lot of for pieces between hollers. Hello jerry paypal. How you doing. We're doing well. Thank you good longtime listener first-time caller great show Here in kentucky. We are on all my friends. What your show Ran down the columbia on saturday Hope to make. Sec nation see. They're just wanted to get your thoughts on this Jecklin hod kentucky team Up here we can't figure them out. I mean they come out and play pretty good against louisiana monroe and then You know they beat missouri probably not a lot better with the turnovers. Then come out absolutely you know. Give a stinker against ut chatanooga I've been down to south carolina. Before like i said we'll going again. It's a crazy atmosphere down. There goes a little bit worried. They've got some playmakers. I'll put shane beamer. Doing down there. just wanted to give your thoughts on your thoughts on stoops's team and what you think i know you gotta give the pick on fcc nations. I will pressure you too much but what you think of that. Game and What's kentucky gotta do to come out for all and i think sometimes Keeping teams getting teams to play the those terrible opponents difficult. A great coach once told me that he said you. We're lucky if we can get our teams up four times a year and i'm not making excuses for mark stoops. I always wonder. Why is it so difficult because you only play twelve games but i. I think you're dealing with players. Nowadays are so plugged into what they here. And you and i both know. Nobody cared about the chattanooga game. And it's just hard to you know sitting here network you know you're trying to pay attention to all the different games with games. We just and that's one of them. You just go you go. You go past as fast as you can and i think that trickles down. I think the players here that They know nobody really cares. I know they just have to go out there and and do the bare minimum players. Look those games. I mean i have friends who are defensive. Players who say they love those games because they can pad their stats. But you know you can probably do that whether You know everybody is is on the same page or not. And i i think coaches to play the play the vanilla game where they they don't they don't wanna give anything away and the players know that y- you know you've got a big game the following week and then you've got florida coming up so you just literally you go through the motions. And i i. I used to do that sometimes. Where we'd be someplace where You really didn't want to be but now you know that you have to give an effort but what to. What degree of effort do you give absolutely some. I guess my last question for you. Paul is about a six point favorite. Do you think that's too much. No i don't I mean. I i haven't really i mean i'll i'll i'll. I'll spend more time on this game when we get there but I think south carolina is extremely young and inexperienced and from a purely from a matchup standpoint. I think kentucky probably you know inspite of what we heard last week from the carolina fans You know probably is in pretty good shape in this game. I appreciate you. Thanks for taking my call now. When you see me saturday morning you know wearing a game cock helmet. I don't want you to say that. I misled you. I do think. South carolina fans are going to be up for this game. i mean they. They knew the smart ones last week was probably a lost. Cause i don't think they view this game the same way. I mean they i think in their hearts. They think they've got a shot at kentucky. Let's check in with hugh who is in ohio. Hello hugh i paul. How you doing. We're doing great. Thank you got a couple items. I wanted to talk to you about That last Play in florida game For the two-point conversion I've watched that replay over and over. And i really believe it was a quarterback option and that ball carrier would not turn loose of the ball to give it to jones He roller pulled out of there and then when he wouldn't give you got behind him tried to shut him in me that ball. You're not taking this in. I am. I mean did you see i am i am. I'm not sure. I've watched a game since Although i think i'm going home tonight to watch the replay of that play because I wanna see what you're talking about. I well you know how the run that quarterback option. He can either right take it. Depends i defend. And he tried and kid would not giving the ball. Second what you're talking about a blown or simon. You think that was the blown assignment. I i think that blown assignment. I don't think it's any wind blocking okay. The next question. I don't know what's going on up here to stay in a couple of years ago. We lost joe borough in the portal. This year we lost that wide receiver alabama right. The game chain connected get let me. I'm up against the clock. I'm i voted ohio. Say schedule i. I know everybody's down on them and they're going to lose three times but your schedule is is pretty palatable. The rest of the way. I that doesn't answer your question but we will come back kirk. Herbstreit went to ohio state. He'll.

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