President Trump, Colorado, Mike Pence discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


A team that has says have successful before, and it'll be in a 30 puck drop tonight at Roger's Place that sports brain in Crystalline Ko in his radio home, the Broncos buffs Iraqis. Kaylie news time 7 17 right now, on Colorado's morning news, the metro area remaining under an action day alert due to the air quality issues, health officials say it's going to be in place until the lease for the South. For noon. Wildfire Smoke has been drifting into the region over the last several days, making it unhealthy for people with certain conditions. The alert covers the entire urban corridor, including for Collins and Greeley. There, of course for major wildfires burning in states, Colorado will be represented when President Trump formally accepts the Republican Party's nomination for reelection tomorrow. Congressional candidate rifle Republican Lauren Bo Burt will be in attendance for the speech, which will be delivered from the White House. She defeated current congressman Scott Tipton in the June primary and faces off against Democrat Diana Mitch Bush in November for the seat in the U. S House, a White House naturalization ceremony getting the spotlight at the Republican National Convention, the president describing the honor of becoming an American citizen, you've earned the most prized treasure cherished and priceless possession. Anywhere in the world is called American citizenship. There is no higher honor and no greater privilege. The president called them absolutely incredible people who followed the rules to earn American citizenship. Vice President Mike Pence will headline night. Three of the RNC, where he's expected to formally accept his party's nomination is likely to praise the president, who is also expected to appear. Second lady Karen Pence. Outgoing White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and Trump's daughter in law. Lara Trump are also scheduled to speak and world champion Competitive eater is going to be coming to the state fair in Pueblo for the second annual world sloppy or Slopper eating championship. World's number one competitive year. Joey Chestnut's going to try to dethrone last year's champ, which is Darren Breeding in this year's contest will be held September 5th at one PM and a slopper is basically a cheeseburger covered in a sauce made from Puebla green chillies. The public will not be able to attend the competition, guys, they'd probably Ralph process, but it will be livestreamed. On the Colorado State Fair website. Oh, thank you. Will there be demand for commercial space and realestate with working conditions of work from home During this pandemic? We'll talk to an expert about that. Next. It's 7 24, but first traffic every 10 minutes on K away with John Morrissey. How's going now We got a couple of problems down south that drive south on I 25 heavy from Hamden into the tech center south bound to five from Parker wrote. It's all because of a crash block in the left lane south of 25. After Bellevue. There's also crashed on eastbound C for 70 after university jamming you up is you try to make your way over to Quebec and we've got some police activity Orchard in university That's got the road closed there. You're downtown drive south on I 25 heavy from I 70 both sides to 70 loading up that was found by 70 drive. Heaviest right there at Colorado over towards steal Vasquez. It's also a pretty heavy driving westbound. I 76 coming down past 88 down to 2 70. This report is sponsored by Staple stores. Stables helps your business with everything from office essentials to health.

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