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So we actually we were so excited about Don dis obituary, there's a couple of things on the homepage of the overlooked. We actually have a little video of him. Tagging which is really cool, but we also assigned a companion piece, and we got archive photos of graffiti and Edward Lee, whose chef who grew up in Brooklyn tagging and doing graffiti as a teen wrote a piece about what his memories of doing graffiti as a kid, and the talks so much about how part of the reason he became a chef was that he longed for that thing of creating something that would disappear and in some ways every night when you cook as a chef it's the same thing. So it's a really beautiful piece or putting both these together, and they'll be in the paper next week together as well. In our last moment. What why do you think this has really resonated with people franca the series overlooked? I think the question, you know, like one of those meaning of life questions is what do you want your orbits very to look like. So I think that feeling is that no one wants to be overlooked. So there I think you find in each of these stories the sense of oh, this is what this person did to make meaning of their life. And it's inspiring even when they struggle even may fail. You see a lot of the trying. What do you think? Amy whites resonating with people while I heard from a lot of readers who said, you know, this is the first time I feel seen in a long time. And I think that really resonates with the title overlooked that a lot of people feel like in their day to day. They don't get the recognition that they deserve. Especially marginalized groups people of color women who fight for their voices to be heard. I just think that this really spoke out for them. And it meant a lot to them to see their struggles captured in these tales. My guests have been obituaries editor, Amy pod, Donnie and archival, storytelling editor, Veronica chambers. The name of the series is overlooked, and you can find it at the New York Times website, ladies, thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. This is all of it on WNYC. I'm shumita Basu from the WNYC newsroom. As commercial news outlets in New York continued to cut back. The WNYC newsroom is growing WNYC. Reporters are your eyes and ears in public hearings at courthouses and in our neighborhoods..

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