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Maybe some listeners also have felt that I've got a big purpose. It's really important. I need to do it now. Wow like let's get the show on the road it has to happen. Tell me what it is. I'm ready to go. I got my march you know and so I had that ready to march arched feeling in things are about to open up. Are there brought to open up. But then they wouldn't and the rebound to open up. A wooden is like having this meditation one day on the way to another healing playing Training which I didn't really need but I I just like them so I wanted to go get trained in another holiday. So I'm going out and taking a moment to meditate before I drive Dr and I have this really expansive meditation. The kind where. There's no more thought and you're just really out there in the universe new. Just like tingling sparkling and I had that kinda meditation. And then I heard the guides Sta- she's not ready and fired up and I'm like I am ready like aw don't say about me I am and it felt like they were like discussing something or deciding or something like that and then the meditation they should ended in. I started driving to my retreat and a couple hours later. My mom called I. I looked on the phone and send my mom called and I called her back and she's like carry. You gotta come home like talking about. I'm like all the way to Mar.. I'm almost at my retreat. And she's like Ed Dad's in the hospital and he's dying and if you want to see him again you need to come home. He had this like last minute out of the blue. Of course pneumonia thing it just like came on and Bam like a freight truck so I turned around I drove all the way back fifteen hours and I and I got there. Four thirty in the morning got to spend several hours of my dad by his bedside and you you know listening to him and and my brain like we were taking a like a life review as I was dozing and he was dozing. We actually were in the mental full space. I could not imagine Imagination space if it's your mentioned like actually having a life review and he is reminding me of you know I told you this I showed you this like taking a whole journey. Journey was Mu is beautiful bruce who was like gorgeous and then the next morning he was gone and this is like sold agreements. This is what talked about in the book. I did not realize it at that moment but later on I realized I had a sneaking suspicion that I didn't want to admit because it would make me feel guilty so I did have a sneaking suspicion Russian right then that this is what had happened and I was feeling a little guilty about it because my mom but really later on actually about three days as before I publish the book the second wave I had a medicine ceremony at plant medicine ceremony and in the ceremony he actually full-on came in with me in a conversation and a dialogue White Eagle and said. Who Do you think's been training you this whole time? Who Do you think? Sure ally I on the other side when you're about to do big work in the world. Wow and then you just connected like all the dots all the little threat. Do you know the little the threads that you've got that you just discard like you get it and then you throw it away or it goes back under the waves. He just pulled them all out like a big tapestry. The Constellation Islas dues mind blowing. And he's like you better put my name on the book because you don't have very much authority or credibility right now and you could use a little my name on the book. I was like okay. I'm GONNA do it. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this. My you know Oh my twenty year high tech person going into what the one in my brain that's third dimensional reality and how people think about things is going so you want me to do what this is. Oh I'M GONNA lose all credibility now you know but I'm going to get a different credibility so so yeah so it definitely. It was really powerful experience and I didn't even have time to integrate it because like three days later the book is published. And you know I had added that initial section because I said he why did you actually told me you don't need you. Don't even put that in there but I but carry hummingbird put it in here. Because I felt like I needed to explain it. Explain all the pieces. I couldn't just let it out like fascinating. Let's talk about Rainbow Light Activation. What's that so well? Rainbow Light is the highest frequency light. You know it's I picked up some rainbow alight activation. Of course my path led me all the places I needed to be as it turns out. The Carol Shamans from Peru are are the keepers of the rebel lagoon. So there's this Rainbow Lagoon. That's in Austin gotTa Holding Their Holy Mountain in Peru and it's except like sixteen thousand five hundred feet and so they have shamans that actually live up there and protect the Rainbow Lagoon. Because it's a portal like as soon activated deportable of Rainbow Light. So when I was up there I went on. I just so happened to be called to go to Augusta. Of course. Of course I knew in my heart. I needed to go so I went. I didn't House GonNa affordable whatever it all happen and I went there and the night before I walked up there Albert Oviedo because it was his group that went up there. He's an attempt that before and he's he gave me an extra time he didn't give anybody else a hard time. But he poked at me and he's like well Kerry no if you can't make it all the way to the rainbow going to back that everybody has to turn around and nobody gets to go. WHOA talk about pressure? I know he's it's like are you sure you can make 'cause you're even having a little trouble lately and I actually was not having trouble but he put that thought in my mind and I had to. It was like an initiation creation. I feel like he did it on purpose to initiate me right to the claim right because in the other life on the trail of tears I had been in so much responsibility. Eighty and for all these people in that lifetime I couldn't handle it actually couldn't watch the devastation. I couldn't be present with it. It was too much for me so this this was another opportunity so I got to forgive myself on the way up there but anyway yeah so I went all the way up to the top of the Rainbow Lagoon and I sang the song to the Rainbow Keefer which is an energetic addict. Being a flight that lives up there and I just sang a song to this beautiful being and I connected with it like good friends now. When I was coming down off at at the next day we did at the final dispatch? Oh the Carol Shamans and I brought a bunch of stones down because not everybody made it up there cannot everybody could go. They couldn't physically do it right so I collected a bunch of stones up there and I offered them. I said okay. Whoever couldn't make his my gift to you like you have a piece of the Reagan? Sure and the Carol Massar is saying something something and I could understand it because my Spanish still on his work on my Spanish and my friend translated and she said Oh they think you're the rainbow keeper on Rainbow Keeper Kula. Aw dismissed it again. It was one of those bits I just put under the I was like okay. Whatever but actually after that I started challenges rainbow symbol light activation? So you're asking about the rainbow the rainbow light activation is actually like it's from another place from source or some is like is rainbow light that comes down and it's like a waterfall of it and it actually upgrades every single cell day. Strand of your being like. It's actually actually healing all the human strains of suffering that we've had up until now because we're moving into another whole reality like we're we're shifting this reality we're shifting into to a whole `nother potential now of like what's this Maserati capable of not like how broken is it. We've been exploring the hell broke in his maserati where moving moving into like what this thing capable of like. Oh my goodness like what could we possibly do with Maserati. Like how fast can it go. Can Fly can go under the water. You know like how psychic is it like. We're so there's a lot of you know reconfiguring reprogramming of the DNA that in our understanding. That has to happen our cellular memory and all all of that so the Rainbow Light actually comes down through that and bring the ascension codes that would support you in making that transition in your own life opening the book of destiny so you are a philanthropist. So let's talk about that aspect of what you do. Yeah so I would say that. There are many philanthropist On the Earth at this time there are many people that do lots of work all night long in your sleep for the whole planet and they're called the second wave and probably others very but there's like ten percent of the planet that does this work right now in the second wave and then there's also the first wave which came before I did tons of work the ability inroads for all the teachings learnings that we would need in order to activate into the second way. So we're paving away for the third wave and they're like so pure beautiful you know. They've really have connection. They they know love in appearance in a higher vibration nation than maybe has been present here so philanthropy for me is like that work that you do that. You don't even know you're doing or you know but you're doing it all night long and you and you're just giving so you're philanthropist you. Because mindfulness mode. That's what that is. You just fill the call to do it because you know you need to get their messages out there and and you're not attached to the outcome is say it. You're doing it because somebody is gonNA listen. It's GONNA help them so I've been doing that kind of work for my whole life like I just showed up doing that. Just whatever way I can pitch in or use my gifts or you know I find myself in leadership positions all the time and I just I can't have to just up in you know because that's waiting for me to step in and do something with it and Organiz people so I haven't like monetarily. A lot of people judge things like ECOMMERCE money did I get for that. That usually hasn't panned out for me in that way like this is not the reward that I get from. It does just doesn't see it'd be a billionaire all right now if that was the case but I just do it because it's like feels good. It's the right thing to do. I feel the call sometimes. I have the inner resistance to doing the thing and and I am not and I do it anyway and then I always flip out her at the end of the day so I think that is really the definition of a philanthropist. Like you see the work that needs to get done like Anita Sanchez. You you see that worked against needs to get done and you do the work you apply yourself and you get in there and you're being called to do and that's how the way it was with your book. The second wave. Have you just knew that you needed to do it. And you channel that whole book. We talked a moment about that before I hit record. Can you tell us how mindful that was that experience of actually channeling the book. Yes I had to get myself when I say we have many aspects of of south so maybe clear. My personality needed to be in the background. In order for White Eagle to flow through the wisdom threw me into the book now what facilitated that is decades and decades of being a writer like I had twenty years as a high tech communications communications and writer for Second Valley so it already forged the channel within myself of words of the right words. So that part you know I was the personality personality. Did that part you know did the work of building a canal and then then the river flows through the canal and asks the spirit so like I asked this question you know. What can I not carry hummingbird personality? What can I take credit for in the answer was you can take credit for doing the work to build the resiliency in the canal and filling your bucket with good information information? That's what you take credit for now. Handed over is you know. And that's kind of like what we do we handed over then and then it'd be the flood comes through the flood of the spirit flows through so when I was writing that book I knew that I needed to be a space where my personality fell. Okay I'm seeing I'm witnessed. I'm loved I'm held. I'm safe great now I can. I'm willing to step into background and allow this flood to come through and then the spirit comes through and as I'm in writing which is a channel lie channel with clients at Channel on the phone I channel and the groups that just happens naturally. I've just listening. And then the words coming to start speaking now without knowing what I'm saying and luckily I record a lot of it. Do.

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