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Captain. Mario Castillo up there. In crystal river Mamane man had had me out fishing on Thursday, catching them up on a beautiful day. Are you pal? Good, man. You get ready to you must be headed for the water. Actually, no today. We're doing the Miller's vote show. That's right. That's right. That's right. Oh, Jeff page and camera. Murphy will be there. I'm sure representing Yamaha. So that's cool. That's cool. We're going there today today and tomorrow actually it started yesterday. I couldn't make it yesterday had a trip, but how was your trip pretty good? How was it yesterday? Was it the same or did it get better? It was about the same. You're a little bit of a slow bite in the morning. She was about non-existent about the same thing as we had when we shot this show, and we came back a little bit stronger in the afternoon came back in and. Out with my buddy, Darren climber us recovering from surgery. He'll be back on the water. Oh, gosh. Probably in about three or four more days. He has hasn't stitches from an incision that they had to they had to pull some some of the nasty stuff off of off of the inside. Okay. Good. I hope so I hope so he's great Fishman and a great leader for you guys up there. So we we wish Cam data speedy recovery for sure. Yeah. For sure so still just pretty good. You know, big thick trout and all that stuff where you jig fishing or shrimp fishing yesterday. We're we're selling the plastic need to get some of those striking. Great bait I'm telling you that's was better than what I was using yesterday. But but I it's a good bait. That's strike strike Kim rage swimmer is the ones we were using. And they make a small one about about three inch a three inch paddle tail that in green pumpkin Pearl is definitely the color for sure that was that was one that was on fire yesterday. You had the hotline in the morning and I had afternoon managed to catch some nice ones too. And then we got we got one on that KABC swimming, caffeine Shad as well in the the baby bass seemed to be green and sparkly was the was the color of the day up there in crystal river for sure. Yeah. I heard good stuff. Tell everybody how they can get a hold your Mario case. Somebody wants to come up that way and book a trip, and I'm telling you if you got great accommodations up there the plantation on crystal river is a fantastic beautiful place. I stayed there Wednesday night, and they've got the fish with Mario on Thursday. So a highly recommend you book a trip while he's still got some openings, Tom, Tom. They and get hold anybody. The best way to get a hold of meetings. Either collar tax me on my cell. It's three five to four or five four seven seven one nine..

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