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Even we projected revenues work backwards off of that has to what payroll could be minor league expenses scouting expenses itself the break even if we won and went to the playoffs made money if we lost that we were losing money with guys deadline trying to get back to break. Even there wasn't the secret set of books with the the super sauce somewhere that they're hiding money. I never saw it if there were though set of books you were the GM with the mets. With the Bobby Baena deal. And I'm wondering is I think it allows you guys to sign my Camden. Is that fair to say freed up some money but if you look back on that deal would you make that deal again with Bobby Bonilla? So remember we're releasing bobby and ownership said you know that that his group is his agency. had represented strawberry back in the day where they had done deferred compensation and you know this when he first signed with the mets the first time around he had deferred compensation with them to he still gets payments from that. I deal he made with the compensation and so you know. Here's a thought on that. Though was the mets looked at it at time is we had birdie made off as an investment vehicle so the mets looked at deferring bonuses compensation as a way for the team to make money that they're going to take his. I go six point. Eight million or whatever that number was released him and then invest that money with made off and put it out for ten years not pay anything and then spread it out over twenty five years of payments equal payments in the end so I was just give county department lentil crunched numbers in it made off return. This percentage or that percentage of that percents. How much money would you make money? And the notion was that we had a chance to make millions on his deal even with the payout for Baena. Period of time is quite honestly. It was turning. What was a loss of six point? Eight million single year releasing him into what would be a win in a financial windfall for the organization because of the made off investors. Did you invest in made off? You know what it's funny I. I actually one time was suggested to get some money saved up. We can maybe get you an account with Bernie and I asked the question. What makes better than everybody else like? Why is why is he better like? Why don't people just look at what he's doing and other people sort of copy his investments in do occur and keeps everything really close to the best obviously And in that thing like Fred Wilpon once Fred Wilpon strategy you. He loved you in like I was. I was in that group. Like he's like. I was one of his people that he really treated me with. Love and respect in Bernie was a friend of his. Let's that's why Fred had no idea because when they had me go and have the accounting department run the money. They said you know if he makes what if he loses some money so they did a whole number of iterations on. It ran that through the system without any expectation or with the return would be just knowing that he was better than others and they might get a return on it. So it was heartbreaking because for the WELP LINES KNOWING FRED. It was the relationship opposite. Lost a lot of money but the relationship it and that sort of commitment can actually had was really devastated was heartbreaking for me to to see all of that go through that from the outside looking in at that point after shocks of that relationship between the will bonds and Bernie madoff. Is that why the mets are up for sale? Or been up for sale..

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