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The sleep picks to know. All right. Tommy where we stand moose your nineteen sixteen in one this year coming off a one and two week last week TASR fifteen twenty one also coming off a one and two week. All right here, we go. We my first pick. We're gonna Saturday high noon, Columbus, Ohio big horseshoe. I'm gonna take the wolverines I'm gonna leave four against Ohio State. I just think they're the better football team. The light. I think is begging you take the buck. Is there a whole dog plus four However, I just don't trust that Buckeye defense. Give me the wolverines me dot bags of that defense. Give me shape. Patterson and Hake didn't run in the football. I'm gonna take the wolverines better team. Finally, wolverines topple Ohio State. Gimme Michigan lay in four. All right task. What's as we have UCF the Golden Knights going to university, south Florida bulls as they call them. Yes. The bulls are a home dog at plus fourteen. Trust me when I tell you it's not enough. I'll take UCF on the road Milton will be playing up a mock. I'll take the Golden Knights. I'm a believer. Now is sitting ten and all that a real deal. I was down a little bit. I'm not doubting him anymore. You could take your plus fourteen. UCF bulls bull dinky? Okay. I like UCF to win by twenty. Okay. There you go ahead, drew. Thanks TASR, moose challenged me. I think is a joke. I took it seriously to pick only teams involving birds as a connection. So we begin with the Boston College eagles who are hosting number twenty Syracuse fresh off that field goal saving shutout or shutout saving field goal that Yankee Stadium. I'm gonna take BC. I think they're their minus seven at home. Actually, I'm going to take Syracuse feel like TASR now seven to happy. See all right. Syracuse plus seven there you go. So you didn't take the eagle? You took the orange games. Involve the eagles. It is rivalry week. I'm going to take eleventh, right, Florida. I'm going to lay the six on the road, Florida state in Tallahassee. Listen several season. It's been a lost year. And I know this is for a bowl game. I get it. You'll get the Florida Gators. I just think for Mullen and Florida this has a big time recruiting impact long term, especially moving forward. Give me the Gators lay. In the six that's picked to for me as we had an eight PM game. We got oh you sitting at number six of the country battling the mountaineers of West Virginia sitting at nine oh, buddy. I'm telling you this right now, it's going to be a beauty West Virginia is a home dog at plus one and a half. Gimme the Sooners column or Jones Kyle Murray is going to run up. A mock it's going to be a close game. Gimme the Sooners. Though, I feel Oklahoma as the visitor wins by three I'll take Oklahoma best regards tests. There you go. All right. Bird related pick number two, the Gamecocks of South Carolina. Double check that is a bird. I'm gonna take Clemson no laying twenty six and a half light the Tigers alarm this one. All right. So there you go pick three for me. We're gonna go to Friday eight thirty kickoff, FOX Pullman, Washington. I'm gonna take the Cougars in Washington state. I'm gonna lay the two and a half to knock off Washington. I mean, a lot of people were expected Arizona to play Washington state tough last week. We saw leeches team run it up there ten and one in state rivalry. I know it's the apple Cup is is unlike me the Cougars lay in the two and a half that's pick number three for me ties. What's his you? We got nighttime. Silly little west coast action. Here we got university of Washington at eighteen the country going against the Cougars. The mighty Cougars Washington state at eight in the country while the Cougars their home, and they are minus two and a half. I gotta tell you mine, minus two and a half my booty. Okay. I like Washington. I like watching a lot beginning of the year. I don't like him enough to deal with the Cougars. The Cougars win the game. I like give me Washington state at home. Okay. I don't are. They gonna cover you're gonna win by seven. I will take Washington state over Washington. Thank you. There you go. All right, Andrew what he says third and final bird related pick moose notch. Do they do lines on FCS playoffs? But here we go the Delaware blue hens gonna win a J M you, and that's for Paul Nanos who loves my Delaware. References some killing two birds with one stone. Yeah. What is that? Why does Nanos taking reference every single day about a lot on Monday? So I took yesterday off and how we're here we are back again over under at four for every show Ella. There's one ding. You mentioned it. It's an all encompassing mentioned it's got to be separate mentoring. You know, I think it doesn't matter. What are your three mix and total like Delaware accused plus seven Clemson, minus twenty six and a half and technically Kentucky, minus seventeen against Louisville last minute change to Delaware over J M U outright. Give me Washington.

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