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Large with, um Woz. Uh, Was. I'm sorry. I don't have the exact alleged crime here. But her comments afterwards in her own Facebook feed included that she claimed she was able to quote break down Nancy Pelosi's office door. And then said F F word. Yes, I am proud of my actions. I effing charge the Capitol today with Patriots today, I would absolutely do it again. And she's been allowed by a judge reportedly to go to a vacation spot outside the country. While the nine year old in Rochester in the mental health crisis gets Pepper sprayed, Ms Sawyer. I mean, what can we even say to that? I think that is those types of juxtapositions the disparate treatment that should tell us that this is not something that can be fixed with more training's or reports or studies or task forces with police. And I think I'm grateful that you mentioned the death of Tamir Rice because What we often overlook is the way the police treated his sister who just witnessed her brother be murdered before her eye. She was 14 years old and the police handcuffed and arrested her. Asked there they murdered her 12 year old brother in front of her eyes. We also and that's a young black girl, and that's how they're treated when they experienced trauma. And I also think about the young woman who filmed the murder of George Floyd, another young black woman. Who, you know, basically have to go into hiding after sharing the video of George Floyd being murdered and so again and again, black women and black girls are bearing witness and are the victims of police violence. Police brutality, sexual assault at the hands of the police. Which is a big part of our work at G as well and there is no care for them. There is no support for them on Guy wanted really might remind folks of the ways that black women in black girls get treated when they come into contact with law enforcement. And I just want to keep reminding folks that that's not going to be fixed with another task force or a slap on the wrist for the officers or a short term paid vacation is actually gets that for those officers. This is where we have to say to our local city council members and Who are elected officials. We need you to use the purse strings, particularly in this crisis to redirect resources to what could have actually provided safety and healing for the members of our community, and also for black girls in particular. And we leave it there with Ashley Sawyer from girls for gender Equity. She has previously been co chair of the Legal Rights of Children Committee for the Philadelphia Bar Association. And has that tweet that went so viral. It's gotten close to 500,000 likes. The last time I looked with reference to the Rochester Case with a nine year old girl. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you so much for having me. This is w n y C FM HD and AM New York WN J T F M 88.1 Trenton, WN J P. 88.5, Sussex, WN J Y 89.3. NET Kong and W. N. J 0 90.3. Toms River. We are New York and New Jersey Public radio, where it's time for the latest news with David first. Hi, David. What's happening? Thanks. Brian. President Biden has called for a confrontation of the political extremism that inspired the U. S. Capitol riot in remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. Today's Breakfast is a Washington tradition. Biden is the latest in a long line of presidents to address it. A number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell to 779,000 last week and shows that a sizable number of people are still losing jobs to the pandemic. According to the U. S. Labor Department. Last week's total dropped from 812,000 the previous week. And is the lowest and two months more than 87,000. People in New York and New Jersey, filed for unemployment last week, the Labor Department says more than 75,000 people in New York applied for benefits that is a 13% increase. More than 12,000. People did So in New Jersey, a 26% decrease New York says layoffs in healthcare and social assistance was the reason for the rise. New York City's Free childcare program for working parents is expanding. Gothamist reporter Sophia Chang has more. The Learning Bridges program is run at more than 450 locations across the city. It was originally offered for students. Three Katie eighth grade, who are enrolled in blended learning in public schools. It was set up to provide supervised child care for those students on their remote learning days so that their parents and guardians could go to work. But the vast majority of the learning bridges locations are actually under enrolled. So the city is opening the program to all fully remote students in eighth grade or younger. Still, priority will go to students whose parents are essential workers or Department of Education staff. Those who live in temporary or public housing as well. A students who have disabilities or are in foster care. About two thirds of New York City Council seats are up for grabs this year. WN my sees David Cruz reports campaigning is underway, including by one political action group that is looking to back up incoming leaders. The law firm closing. O'Connor is based in Philadelphia and has a lobbying office in New York. It holds regular meetings with City Council members now would still need $13,000 to several council members, including Justin Brandon, Keith Powers and Raphael Salamanca Junior who are all poised to retain their seats for another term and have expressed interest in being council speaker. The firm says his donations or small. In separate statements, All three council members insisted they are.

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