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Snow is on the way tomorrow with some areas. Possibly getting a lot more than others. A winter storm watches in effect from seven AM tomorrow through seven AM Monday for areas farther north and west of the city areas like northwestern Loudon county, upper. Montgomery County or Howard county near Frederick Maryland. Those areas likely stay mostly or all snow through much of the event, and they could see anywhere from three to six inches of snow. National weather service meteorologist Dan Hoffman says inside the beltway. We'll probably get a coating to an inch or two before the snow turns to rain tomorrow afternoon. A section of the BMW Parkway is in such bad shape. From the rough winter that the speed limit is being lowered starting today to prevent accidents and flat tires the new speed limit on the pothole played stretch between routes one ninety seven thirty two is now forty miles an hour driving along the road. When you see some changes when they get onto the Parkway. They're going to see signs that light up variable message boards that show information about the reduced speed. Limit ahead. They're going to say. Changed? Speed limit signs. National Park Service spokesperson Jonathan Schaeffer says they're hoping to move up a project to repay that whole stretch. That was scheduled to happen. This fall Arlington county leaders are excited about Amazon building its h q two in crystal city. But not everyone shares their enthusiasm today. Members of the four us not Amazon group or canvassing here concerns from residents the group's Mahal says they want Amazon send representatives to a public hearing. They're not actually probably ever going to respond to the communities concerned, but it's important for for them to hear you know, how actual people are being impacted Amazon supporter. Arlington county board member Eric dot shell says, he's working on it also called an Amazon to increase their level of public engagement as I believe our community is fundamentally stronger when we embrace difficult dialogue up next, traffic and weather if you've got.

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