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Brad Stevens, Lebron Spo, Dwayne Casey discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


I'm very atty when you gotta live. Mike and you're just trying to fill adjectives content. Sometimes they'll say something ridiculous. Knowing who's a good mass dwayne Casey one coach of the year and was fired tired was fired after winning coach of the year but after what I saw what and granted Leonard was on the team I could see that okay. Maybe dwayne Casey wasn't great. Isn't this nurse good basketball coach. I don't know what a championship have you seen the way the warriors were injured so I don't know if he's a good coach and I have you seen the way SPO- walks out on the court when it causes time out coach I feel like a big part in coaching is acting and selling like huffing you swing and if you take off your jacket and you throw your jacket oh you're great well. It's like mcadoo like just where there's no way that guy's going to be a good coach. The way you enter a press conference SPO is though is he looks great when he walks into that press room. I think that's just because he has a now. I would like to go back to some footage of his first William. I'm cliff look good and he's not a good coach but I'm not talking about N._F._l.. Head coach. I'm not talking about the way he actually looks. I'm talking about his demeanor when he walks into that press room he owns it really well. I kinda culture. He gives off the <hes> that he has to do this. But would you say that Gregg. Popovich looks good when he will. I feel kind of like oh I don't most surely Jesus law but he kind of walks in and he's just like like like he doesn't WanNa be there and I wouldn't say that he he commands the room. Just 'cause everyone's one's afraid of talking to him but I wouldn't say that he walks in and he's like this guy. Great Coach just based on physical appearance. I want to get back to the Brad Stevens thing because Brad Stevens has always triggered he twitter because nationally there is a perception of Brad Stevens being this amazing in coach and the results some people would argue that the results are there. He twitter would certainly point to the results and say what results nothing there but you can't tell the amazing job at Erik Spoelstra date in the wake of the the Chris boss Bosch Injury as a means to support your argument against Brad Stevens when Brad Stevens did excellent in getting to what was it game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals Without Kyrie Irving Without Gordon Hayward wasn't spo- perceived to be kind of like that before he got Lebron on the people who knew what they're talking about kind of perceived spoke to be the way they talk about Brad Stevens and he doesn't have any results but people just say he's a good coach didn't not maybe as high as Brad Stevens but didn't get that stuff and even before Lebron Spo- Israel rebounded but prominent to get him fired yes so like Lebron come in with a lot of not not terrible on something that they kept.

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