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We're going to open it in like ten minutes splitters they must make splitters. I've never seen this border but I'd imagine okay. Let's do this. Yes Mike God i. I was going to record on my laptop my own single track and thank God. I didn't want it stopped recording. It would've been. He would've been hard enough but together but that would have made it a nightmare. Hey guys quick little plug here the way better than this right. I think everyone can agree on that. You didn't talk at all when you had a microphone in talking. That's the way the past nine months though. What does that mean? I'll take the eight ball back. Alright Brian Scott the April Koksal coming back to the they get. I have the the the grab bag. What is Shepton now? Caribbean Peruvian. Rules Caribbean are we. Are we doing a limit though like no. It's going to go on forever. I just put my gift. Do you want to know what to tell Mike. You can steal now or open your gift all open my gift okay. Let's open it. I'd rather leave it wrapped way. And then does he get after after he opens it because he's the he was the first he's still steal something he said he can open and then swap technically starved. Dominy keep it keep it. Yeah what is it what. What about your April Brian? Eno but you want it so badly I'll give you the eight ball the Chick-fil-a I want. Are you serious. Did you ever use the creamery Eh Gotcha the queen that fucking sweet ice cream. Talk off the air. There's this mystery behind that a mystery. My fucking gift card folder went missing. I like folder with you like gift. Cards accumulated hurts. I didn't realize that people know K.. I gotta say something. I can't find my Polo Identification.

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