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Athletes. That's first time you had athlete. A singular athlete empowered. It felt like they took control. They took control of the message. And lebron did that. Now also you get guys my age. You probably don't like athletes when they control the message but lebron did that owned the show. They help produce the show and he gave us the decision. So what else is so bad about that that. That's what i'd be curious about. But no i i look. I'm defensive with lebron because what he's done. I don't think you'll ever get enough credit because when you lose in the nba finals. Well that makes you bum. And he took some of the at least one of the worst teams that will ever play an nba championship and could easily in my opinion. Been the mvp in a losing effort. I really believe that a couple of years ago against golden state. I think he could have been the. Mvp we'll we'll switch gear switch sports He's john smoltz the emmy award winning outstanding sports event analyst. And let me before we get to all of that. I'm watching the golf tournament this weekend. American century and my boy. John smoltz's ledin and i thought. Well that's great. John's gonna win and then he's gonna go he's gonna be hosting the all star game and then you lose to vinny del negro. How nervous were you pitched in a world series How nervous were you compared to how you were on sunday in the last couple of holes there so it wasn't nerves that got me. I felt great in a baseball game. Of course golf is different story. So you know in some of the tournaments that i played in the nerves worse in golf unfortunately in this tournament i i had lost my swing. So there's it's a worst scenario the nerves like it isn't the nerves that lost my swing. I just lost the fundamentals of my swing. And when you do that and golf you're like hanging out. And so i felt like there was nowhere to go lick in baseball. By lost my fastball. I have my slider at my split or vice versa in golf. If you lose your swing you're basically you're you're You're trying to figure out how you're going to get the ball in the hole. So i i definitely was battling last round. I wished i would have had a better a better swing though but i gotta give vinnie all the credit because he played great that last night that last day in an you know the story about im- losing his dad and not telling anybody in and winning the tournament was something pretty incredible. You needed leo mazzone. I think to help you out there. Come come out to the mound and and but explain how you losers swing well golf like i'm not connected mechanically like i wasn't based on. Yeah you get a reminder in baseball come out. Say hey do this in greg olson. My caddie was great and trying to get me through the round..

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