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Search and tracker blocking with one download. Duck duck go, privacy, simplified. Things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly. From har cave in the east to lviv in the west, Russian missiles have hit more than a dozen cities in Ukraine today, deaths are being reported throughout the country. It's the most aggressive barrage of air strikes against Ukraine since the early days of Russia's invasion. Russian president Vladimir Putin says the aerial assault is a response to an attack over the weekend on a key bridge linking Russia to occupied Crimea, explosions also rocked the capital Kyiv for the first time since June and right in the center of the city. And Kat lonsdorf are in Kyiv and they both join us now. Hey, you two. Hi there. Hey, let's go do it with you. Jason, I'm going to let you kick us off. Just give us a sense of the extent of these strikes by Russia on Ukraine today. Yeah, I mean, we still don't know the exact number of missiles that were launched against Ukraine. I'd still be tallied and there are still more that have been coming in. But officials here at one point said they counted more than 70 and had successfully shot down roughly half of them. The ones that did get through the air defense systems, they targeted just about every major city. As you mentioned from lviv out in the west to cities in the middle of the country, nipro, harkey, and east, areas in the north up near the border with Belarus, and very significantly right here in the capitol. Some of these were missile strikes, some were drone attacks. There's a lot of damage and a lot of casualties. Cat jump in because I know you have spent a lot of today on the road. You woke up this morning in another city in nipro, what did you see there? Yeah, well, like much of the country we were woken up by a series of loud explosions near the city center. And when it was safe, we drove over to one of the places that was hit. It was a bus stop in the middle of a residential area surrounded by high rise apartment buildings, and a missile that hit right in front of a bus on its route in morning rush hour. The bus was destroyed and people were standing around kind of in shock, nearly all the windows were blowing out. There was glass everywhere, it smelled of sewage because lots of manhole covers had been blown off. And one other man was leaning out of what had been the windows on his balcony. He was 81 year old Victor Shevchenko. And he said that he had been watering his plants on his balcony just a few minutes before the blast, and he went inside to cook breakfast. These are the explosion nearly knocked him over. I'm also one more thing, you know, there was this feeling today that not just in nipro, but I was hearing it from Ukraine's all over the place

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