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The shoulder the driver left Susan to die I looked over Check oh I notice Susan's mangled bike in front. Of their house and Susan lying. In the grass Just not. Notice what they did the family says there's a chance for Justice, if someone comes forward almost Tammy Tausif says. Black car parts were found at the scene and, troopers say the car probably has frontier damage congresswoman. Cathy McMorris, Rogers says she supports Robert Muller's investigation but, holds open the possibility of impeaching deputy attorney general rod. Rosenstein Morris Rogers released that statement after, audio the fundraiser with her and congressman Devin Nunes was released the tape. Obtained by the group fuse Washington shows Nunez calling for the impeachment of Rosenstein who oversees the investigation he's. Also heard saying the GOP needs to hold their majority to, protect President Trump from Muller's probe McMorris Rogers in an is in inexp- unexpectedly tight race with democrat Lisa Brown tells the. Spokesman, review the tape raises questions about what the congresswoman says publicly versus what she says privately Time for AAA traffic every ten minutes on the forest. And Tama Fulton is keeping an eye on a busy early Friday afternoon it certainly is Charlie we've got a fire in Portland low that has highway closed in both directions between wall lake road and centre road. And adding to the backup on highway four the. Hood canal bridge is currently closed, for marine traffic in shoreline and earlier, crash on northbound. Five just north of highway one. Oh four has, been cleared to the left. Shoulder but there is, a residual. Backup from one seventy th street southbound four five through Bellevue is, a struggle between the five twenty and highway. Nine hundred northbound four zero five is also heavy, through Renton between highway one sixty seven and highway. Nine hundred, that's going add fifteen minutes to your drive, we're still watching this crash in DuPont northbound five at. Deployed still can road blocking the left, shoulder it's causing a slowdown from center drive and in Tacoma across on. Southbound five personally blocks collector distributor lanes of the ramp from eastbound highway sixteen onto southbound five as well. As the exit thirty eight th street this report is brought, to you by money tree when they say money and time they need money when you need it visit a branch Learn more at money tree Inc. Dot com money tree your money in time are next KOMO.

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